Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Back in the Swing of things

I wanted to show you so many more things during Christmas, but this year was just too busy!  I will try to snap some photos as I take things down.

I'm getting back in the swing of things.  After being absent from the Etsy selling scene for more than 6 months, I AM BACK!!!!! :)  ** Please oh please won't you check out the lovely items in my etsy store?  Also got some great listings up in my ebay store too! 

There are wonderful vintage Christmas items, old sewing drawers (don't worry, I saved some for myself!), pyrex, and some mason jars.

My 2012 Goal - to devote more time to junking and my stores.  Also, to learn how to take better photos. And spend less time on Pintrest.

**Between finishing my etsy listings and finishing this post, I've sold 3 things.  I've missed you etsy!

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