Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not My Usual Junking Location...

There were no good auctions or estate sales within a reasonable driving distance from my house today.  I was pretty bummed, but this is the first Saturday in a long time that I got to sleep in.  I was out running errands today, when I noticed a big 50% off sign at the Goodwill near my house.  I had never been in it, since moving into my house 2 1/2 years ago, so I decided I would check it out. 

I was floored at the great things I found that people had donated.  So when I checked out with my things, I asked the cashier "Do you guys have 50% off sales often?"  And she looked at me like I was from a different planet, and replied, "Don't you know they're the first Saturday of every month at all Goodwills?"  I simply replied with an "Okay," knowing that most of my Saturdays aren't spent running errands near my house, but at auctions that start before Goodwill even opens, and estate sales that are even earlier.

This was the point where I decided that I was going to save all the great vintage and antiques that had been donated from a phrase I am coining "Goodwill damnation."  I like to think that the majority of the stuff that folks buy at Goodwill ends up back there eventually.  I wanted to give a second life to some of these items and connect them with collectors, so they don't end up back in a crusty pile of Goodwill stuff.

Without further delay, here are the items I rescued from Goodwill damnation...

The haul came from 5 different stores.
I could've gone to more, but I needed a nap.

2 Fire King casseroles and a Glasbake casserole.
I love the pattern on the Glasbake.
Haven't decided if I'll keep it for myself.
It would be my first Glasbake piece.

Bean Crock with the stamp "Money Krust"

Back row: 2 glass jars with decals and blue enamel tea pot
Front: Anchor Hocking syryp holder, 2 stoneware measuring cups,
2 green depression wine goblets, red mini oil lamp, 2 glass baby bottles

Back row: milk glass vase, set of 4 swanky swigs, 4 old tupperware glasses
Front: Looks like Corning casserole, but marked Fire King, amber Pyrex
casserole, set of  3 (marked) Anchor Hocking swanky swigs

vintage Christmas cards, set of 3 b/w flowers, 1 green squares,
2 carriage, and 1 yellow flowers swanky swigs. And... Pyrex pie plate.

5 Fire King bowls, that will match a plate I bought 2 mo ago.
Pyrex Homestead casserole, planter marked USA, crock bowl 

Shawnee planter, 2 canning crocks, marmalade/butter crock

3 old pyrex lids.  Wish they had the bottoms.
Oh well, I know you guys need lids and these are all chip free.

DEAL OF THE DAY!!!  These were 49c a box.
I really didn't need them
But, they're REALLY needed rescued from...
Alrighty, that's it folks, I'm hitting the hay.


  1. What an incredible haul! Love all the glassware and those ornaments. I'd need a nap after all that too.

  2. good job on the rescue of those poor Christmas balls!!!


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