Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Day at the Rose Bowl Flea

I was lucky enough to spend a week and a half in California recently.  The weather was perfect - sunny and 60s and 70s the whole time.  It snowed in my hometown.  Twice.

Here are the photos I took at the Rose Bowl Flea...

But first, a picture of me on the beach at sunset.  I was barefoot.  It was glorious.

Ok, now the flea...

I wish I could've fit all of these amazing things in my suitcases, but sadly, pictures must do them justice.

Here's what I did buy...

More mini oil lamps.  The collection is kinda taking over
every nook and cranny in my house.Ro
Like I needed anymore of these...
I've also been thrifting since I've been home from vacation already.  I'll post those in a separate post.

Also, I'm taking my mom on my huge round of thrift stores this weekend.  2 set eyes and hands are better than 1.

Everyone have a good night.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrift Store Picks from this Weekend

First, I must say... I leave for California in 3 days!!!!!!

Now, here is some of the junk I found this weekend...

crates are previous purchases

I'm thinking these lids will be painted before I sell these.  Red, maybe?

Glasbake Starburst Casserole, 3 Fire King Casseroles

Pink Depression cup, aluminum cup, 2 oil lamps

Another OJ carafe and plenty of swanky swigs

Pyrex overload this weekend - pyrex (not corelle) mugs
and saucers, and aluminum cooke cutters.

Tin full of Christmas ornaments, Hazel Atlas jar, painted crocks,
small stoneware bowls

Green Pyrex Cinderella Bowl, Yellow Desert Dawn Pyrex Casserole,
Anchor Hocking Mug and Cruet, almost 3 full alphabet flash cards
(they are glittery gold), and DEAL OF THE DAY - a Pyrex
Early American fridgie for 60 cents!

Cute little canister set, probably another deal
of the day for 39 cents
If anyone is going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this Sunday - I'd love to meet fellow bloggers.  Drop me an email.  Other than that, I will be back to blogging in a couple weeks with a nice tan!

Until then...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Stopped by one of my local Salvation Army stores.  The manager is my new favorite person - promising to save me back any Pyrex for me to come scoop up once a week.  He promised me a lot comes through the store.  I didn't see any when I was there yesterday, but I found a few things.  I'm also on a tiny industrial kick too.  Thank you to my fellow bloggers who got me hooked.

Back: vintage recipe box and coffee pot
Front: Fire King primrose creamer, McKee bowl, Federal bowl

Isn't this awesome???  It was also half price (of $2.99)!!
Tonight is picture night, as I have tons of goodies that I need to list.

Also - today started my Etsy sale!  25% off your entire purchase - use the code FEB25 (cannot be combined with any other coupons).  Sale runs through February 9, so I can ship February 10, and leave for vacation February 11!!! Woo hoo!