Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrift Store Picks from this Weekend

First, I must say... I leave for California in 3 days!!!!!!

Now, here is some of the junk I found this weekend...

crates are previous purchases

I'm thinking these lids will be painted before I sell these.  Red, maybe?

Glasbake Starburst Casserole, 3 Fire King Casseroles

Pink Depression cup, aluminum cup, 2 oil lamps

Another OJ carafe and plenty of swanky swigs

Pyrex overload this weekend - pyrex (not corelle) mugs
and saucers, and aluminum cooke cutters.

Tin full of Christmas ornaments, Hazel Atlas jar, painted crocks,
small stoneware bowls

Green Pyrex Cinderella Bowl, Yellow Desert Dawn Pyrex Casserole,
Anchor Hocking Mug and Cruet, almost 3 full alphabet flash cards
(they are glittery gold), and DEAL OF THE DAY - a Pyrex
Early American fridgie for 60 cents!

Cute little canister set, probably another deal
of the day for 39 cents
If anyone is going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this Sunday - I'd love to meet fellow bloggers.  Drop me an email.  Other than that, I will be back to blogging in a couple weeks with a nice tan!

Until then...


  1. Tan? That's something we in the PNW know very little about ... have a great vacation! Please take lots of pics at the Rose Bowl so I can live through you. :-)

  2. The excitement is building. I'm flying southwest, so I'm checking my 2 free (empty) bags. :) Hopefully I get some great stuff, because I've been limited to thrift store shopping lately and it's getting lame.

    And yes, lots of pictures!

  3. It's so fun to look at what you're buying... I love the crocks!

  4. Love the glass cookie jars! I think the lids would look great painted pretty much any color. A paint job will definitely make them more appealing to buy.

    Have a great time in California!

  5. @Jeanne - I love crocks... but I have too many in my house... these must go to ebay or etsy when I get back from vaca.

    @Stephanie - I can't wait to make your sugar cookie recipe and maybe put them in these jars! :)


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