Monday, March 5, 2012

A Few Things From Saturday and Today After Work...

Here's a few things from Saturday's 50% off sales at Goodwill...
Cute sunflower mini swanky swigs

Arrrrr... ships!

Anchor Hocking

I hit the motheload at the Salvation Army... got all these
Fire King Candleglow pieces.

All of them in perfect, shiny condition

Found all this FK peach lustre at one Goodwill

I have a love/hate relationship with the Goodwill Outlet store near me.  Sometimes I hit the jackpot and sometimes it's a bust.  But, it is the reason I leave work gloves in my truck.
Plaid Thermos, sadly only one Pyrex BG salt shaker,
Pyrex canisters, and a Nile Crysto Therm glass

I manage to bring home something Christmas-y
Faith restored in the Goodwill Outlet for now.  Also, because I only spent $1.90 on all of this.  Ha!

Happy Monday!

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