Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Need a Good Auction or Estate Sale Soon

Thrifting is producing a lot of the same things.  I don't mind buying them, as they do sell, but I'm tired and bored with them.  I need different and interesting items to sell.  I need a good auction or estate sale soon!

Anyhoo, here's what I've bought from the thrifts since I've been home from my California vacation.  Also, I hope you notice a little difference in my photos.  I'm trying harder to take better looking photos.

love these butterfly swanky swigs!

I have 4 of these fire king casserole dishes now... who wants one?

Glabake casserole in perfect condition.  2 Fire King french casseroles.

stoneware crock

top: Federal cassrole bottom: Glasbake casserole

yellow mug (no marking), 3 pyrex marked mugs

FK peach lustre and blue flowers casserole

8 "blue flame" swanky swigs

vintage ice bucket and egg beater

The half gallon says: THE BALL JAR MASON'S PATENT
NOV 30, 1858.  It is my deal of the day, I paid 50c for it and
 my fruit jar books says it's worth $40-50!!  The others are
Hazel Atlas and Ball.

I'm not selling this.  I bought this as a little work table so I can
do more work in bed, instead of at a desk. :)  The bed is so
much more comfortable.  Who else does their computer
work in bed?

Had to rescue this, even though graniteware doesn't sell very well.
The money went to a good cause though, which makes me feel good.

Isn't this 1967 Lucy Thermos cute?  I don't think it has ever been used!

I wish I could find more interesting things like this at the thrift.
These 2 vintage cake toppers are awesome!
Any helpful cleaning techniques??
I also found a vintage orange fruit crate at the thrift.  It needed to stay in the garage because it was filthy.  Waiting for warm weather to clean up a lot of things and get started on some projects that are accumulating in the 2nd stall in my 2 car garage.  At least I can park my truck inside. :)

I hope everyone has a beautiful day!  The rest of mine will be spent photographing individual items and listing them on eBay and Etsy.  The links to my stores are off to the right.


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