Monday, March 12, 2012

is it worth it?

So the weather is officially amazing here.  Got up to 72 today.  I ran a quick 5K after my day job and then ran to the Goodwill outlet.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I go there frequently because it's 5 minutes from my house and only 3 minutes from the park I run at.  Anyways, I didn't have time to take pictures, but will soon.  

I wanted to see if you guys out in blogland would drive 3 hours for an auction?  There are absolutely no worthwhile auctions or estate sales this weekend that are even remotely close.  So, I'm packing up my truck and dragging along my mom.  We are going to go stay at her sister's (my aunt's) house, which is about an hour from the auction site, the night before.  I will drag my aunt along too, because she has several booths in several antique malls, and she always needs to stock up.  I think even though gas is $4 a gallon, the fact that I get to see and spend time with family, it makes it worth it.  So here's a link to the auction.

I'm gonna show you some of the things I'm lusting after...

vintage wood advertising boxes/crates
this green enamel top table would be AMAZING
in my green kitchen.
As if I don't have a house full of these already.

But, they sell really well.
I'd like just one of these to put on top of my dresser.
Trunks, anyone?
And in green too.
There are some great looking ones there.
As if  I need more, as I have a garage full
waiting to be refinished.
Not quite sure what this is... but I want it.
Old medicine bottles
I hope no one else wants to buy Christmas in March...
There are plenty of other amazing things that I didn't show you, but my eyes are getting heavy.

Good Night!

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