Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Was Worth It! (Part 1)

Hey all, hope you're all having a good week.  I've been "weather drunk" and haven't really gotten around to taking pictures.  It's been in the 80s here all week.  We broke several high temperature records set back in the late 1800s.  Please disregard the dirt, grim, dust, etc in the pictures.

LOVE this chippy blue shelf.  It's going to
get a new paint color.

Top: 3 McCoy planters, 3 mini oil lamps
Bottom: 2 Pyrex canisters, 2 Pyrex spring blossom
casseroles with lids. 2 Fire King custard dishes,
McCoy planter

Top: McCoy bowl, Pyrex flamingo pink pie plate, light blue
Pyrex casserole, yellow Pyrex divided casserole, a turquoise
Pyrex large fridgie, and a daisy casserole lid
Bottom: oval blue Pyrex casserole, lime green square Pyrex
pan, flamingo pink Pyrex pan, and 2 blue Pyrex fridgies.

Flower canisters, 3 crocks, and Pyrex canister.

 black Swan planter, green Hull planter, and yellow apple
sponge holder

some turquoise enamelware, a glasbake casserole, and
a Pyrex Woodland butter dish

child's toy pan, aluminum cup, recipe box,
little green box, and red handle spoon

3 very mini oil lamps

orchard swanky swigs
Now onto the preview for the post about the rest of the stuff I bought at the auction this past weekend.  It is all Christmas and it's all mine!  What makes it even better, is that I sold several pieces out of the boxes and made back a ton of my money that I spent.  I'll post better pictures soon.  Maybe this weekend... only if the weather sucks!  Sorry about the horrible garage pictures...

Shiny Brites, Gurley candles, old Santas...

you don't even know what's hiding under there... but I do... :)

There is so much good stuff under the top layer there too!

Oh yeah, I bought another picnic basket.

And that box full of old veterinary medicine bottles.
The Snake Bite Kit is probably the coolest.
Just one more thing...


(Sorry, it's my alma mater...)


  1. I haven't been to an auction in years! You sure scored! It's been so nice here too that your post has encouraged me to clean out my car and head to the thrift stores! Visited your blog by way of Etsy and am your newest Linky Followers follower. Hope you'll pop by Cottage and Creek and follow back. Happy hunting :)

  2. Great display! I was wondering - do you have the spring blossom lids taped? I find if I have them upside down they sit a lot more securely. Also I think your turquoise fridge might be the Heinz promo baker? Thats on my thrift wish list!


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