Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fo' Free? + Hodge Podge Stuff + Something I Helped Build

Well I've been sticking pretty much to one of my 2012 goals.  To buy less and sell more!  So I haven't had a ton to show you lately.  Also, the days keep running together, so honestly I've probably already forgotten some things I've bought since I last posted.  I'll rummage through some shop photos to see if I've forgotten anything.

I'll show you the items I got for free.  YES, for free.  Mom rummaged through the basement and discovered some items she'd gotten at an auction well over a year ago that she never bothered to go through.  She said it came in a pile of stuff she paid a dollar for.

Pot holders, tea towels, and calendar towels, oh my!

Ahh, beautiful hand stitched embroidery.

One of the calendars.

This is the bag of stuff she hadn't even gone
through.  She just put it in the basement.

What are in the mystery boxes?

Vintage Christmas ornaments!

And this... look closer!

Dennison gummed stars!

Dennison gummed choir boy labels!

More gummed labels

And a whole book of them.  This has about
25 sheets of labels.

cute jingle bells

Aren't these ADORABLE?  Bottle brush tree earrings with
little mercury glass beads!

Tubby little Santa from pipe cleanders.

All sorts of stuff for crafting.  I should gift these to Laurie
at Magpie Ethel.  

New old stock

I have about a billion of these.
I kinda love them.

I couldn't stand to take these Angel Cutees out.

Satin ball Santas

Kinda creepy.

More little ornaments, etc.

Mystery box #3... What's inside?

Why, it's a whole stack of never used (and NOT mildew
smelling) cards!  I will share some of my favorites in
my next post.

These are a few hodge podge items that either Mom or I have picked up in the past couple of weeks.  Most of it is listed for sale on either my ebay or etsy stores.

I picked up these 2 crocks at the same auction I bought
my Stanley Upholstery sign.

Mom picked up A TON of this Fire King Azurite
Charm Blue.  111 pieces to be exact. 

For a steal too, I might add.  I know she was pretty
proud of her purchase after I sold 3 6pc place settings
in the first day I had it listed.

I loved this Fire King Jadeite Philbe fridge box.
Someone on ebay loved it a lot more.

These fridgies are also sold already.  They came in the same
box lot as the jadeite fridgie.  Plus 4 extra 501 size lids.  I
needed all 4 too.  Again, Mom had a STEAL of a purchase
on the box lot.

Lastly, here is my wonderful new photo booth.  I have to have one of these because of how my house is built, there is no good sunlight any time of day for taking natural light photos for my items.  So my dad designed this little photo booth and light rack.  The bulbs I use are "natural light" bulbs and it does truly make a difference.  I don't see a lot of yellow in my photos like I used to see in my old other photos.  Also with this new photo booth - LESS EDITING!  I spend so much time editing, so it's nice to cut back on it!  All of the free items above were taken using this box.  Hardly any time spent editing, just a quick white balance adjustment.

The set up.  PLEASE ignore my messy living room.
Also, apparently I'm never watching TV again.

No edits!  I'm so happy its summer - FREE tans :)

Looking forward to a great auction this Saturday that's about 90 minutes north of me.  Mom and her sis are coming.  I bet we will fill the back of the truck.  Gotta start stocking up for winter while the buying is still good.

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