Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Arcadia, IN Haul + Goodwill Goodies + Free Box + Garage Sale Genius

I attended an auction in Arcadia, IN last Saturday.  It was on a large farm, surrounded by cornfields.  Auction bliss! My favorite auctions are on-site in the middle of nowhere.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot, and the auctioneers wasted no time.

A glimpse of part of the crowd.

I wish I could've explored the insides of all
their beautiful old barns.

Onto the treasures from the auction...

Just wait... they'll be in my Christmas shop soon!

Had to buy all of this...

Just to get these.  Needed to plates to add
to my green enamel collection.

love the Barbed Wire Pyrex promo...

Now the Goodwill goodies...

Fire King McDonald's promo cups.

Cute canister set.  I have so many already.
But. Its. Yellow.

I have been dying for some Club Aluminum pans

And they are always ridiculously priced.

But, I hit the jackpot.  Thanks again whoever
donated all these to Goodwill.

Unmarked EARLY Pyrex 404

I was gifted this box of freebies a little over a week ago...

Fire King Wheat.  Will go nicely with my Pyrex
Autumn Harvest.  Perfect for fall.

Glasbake.  I have the bread loaf sized pan in this pattern too.

Lime Green 024.

FK Peach Lustre & Cornflower Blue

Finally, the same day I attended the auction in Arcadia, my mom and dad decided to stay local and attend garage sales.  My mom is becoming quite the picker for me out there.  She knows what I like.  She went to an estate sale run by the son of the woman who had owned the goodies.  Mom instantly recognized the Butterfly Gold Pyrex.

And picked up 3 casseroles.  She also recognized the "ugly mushroom pattern that nobody likes."  You know what I'm talking about...

And, I apologize for being out of order, but the cornflower blue FK casserole from above, was another purchase mom made at this estate sale.  She recognized that pattern too.  She asked how much, and the man said a quarter a piece.  I hope you were all as shocked as I was, considering how much folks jack up prices on Pyrex these days.  She saw one more bowl.  She had never seen the pattern before, didn't know if it was anything special, and so she bought it too.

For a quarter.  A QUARTER!  I have never seen a dots in the wild.  Part of me wants to go back to this house and demand he find the remainder of the set!  This bowl is absolutely perfect.  Not a scratch.  It's as if it was never used.  For now, this bowl is a display keeper, even though I'm a green gal, and spring blossom is my usual keeper.

Okay, so I had a pretty great week.  Still hoping Laurie at Magpie Ethel and Barbara at Oodles and Oodles will still send me some of those vintage Christmas vibes my way.... :)

Here's to another good junkin' weekend,

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  1. I have been going from one of your posts to another, the part that really got me was that parlor table with barley twist legs, oh my I'm so jealous, and you got it for $1? I love everything you buy. One of the stores in Smith's Grove used to have alot of Pyrex dishes, casseroles. I still have several things I bought at some of the stores and outside sales, the one thing I especially regret selling was my scale. We bought a much smaller house than we had before with little storage so sold many of my pretties, would you like to kick me? So mad at myself. Ah well no sense crying over spilled milk. Your day at Rose Bowl flea had me going when I saw what you got. Junkers Heaven. Happy week


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