Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last Weekend's Haul, Also Known as the Coldest Auction Ever + These Week's Goodwill Finds

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending, what I believe, was the last outdoor/onsite auction of the season.  The forecast was that it was going to be cold.  I checked the radar before I left the house and there was not so much as a green dot on it.  So, I bundled up in boots, 3 layers, a scarf, and a hat.  And for the first hour or so, that was enough.  Then it started sprinkling.  Then raining rather hard.  Then it rain turned to sleet.  I debating leaving so many times.  However, the prices were just too good to leave.  So, I suffered for getting the good stuff for my etsy stores.

I found this great box of Christmas stuff...

Feather tree ornaments - all sold already!

There were these cute little boxes...

A tavern candle box...

Here's the contents.  Tavern and gurley candles and a
spun cotton santa.

And a shoe box of old ornaments.

Onto the non-Christmas items...

Orange enamel coffee pot, baby blue scale,
canisters, and old chalkboard.

Bottom of the canisters - Old Reliable Coffee and Tea

I'm having a hard time deciding if I am
going to part with this or not.

The scale will look really great once I
clean it up completely.

Enamel and aluminum cream pails, aluminum pitcher cups
and coasters, tin trays, and match holder.

Lots of stoneware crocks.

7up crate, 2 mini oil lamps (to add to my ridiculous
collection), green and red handle kitchen tools.


Lots of buttons.

On the original cards.

Ceramic Christmas Tree.

Cardboard dollhouse.

On to the Goodwill finds from this week...

Pink scale

Tissue Box

Cake carrier with awesome blue glass knob.

Empire plastics trick or treat pails, putz
house, 2 cotton mice picks, bakelite
spatula, and green handle cookie cutter.
Just wanted to share what I have bought recently.  Most of this will be available in my main etsy store or christmas store shortly.

Have a great Sunday!

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