Sunday, January 13, 2013

So. Many. Buttons

Remember the coldest auction ever?  I promised I'd show you them one day.  Well, I finally got around to listing them in my ebay store.

So. Many. Buttons.

So. Much. Eye Candy.

Still many more buttons to go through, but this is a pretty good start!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Goodies from Goodwill

Playing catch up a little... so here are a few goodies I picked up while shopping with Tabitha at our local Goodwill outlet.  We had a cart completely full of stuff.  I think people stared.

These 2 great fully collapsible metal baskets....

And these 2 Brumberger photography slide cases...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Where Has the Time Gone? Hello, 2013.

I know, I know.  It has been way too long.  I needed a break from a lot of things over the holidays - and being on the computer more than necessary was one of those things.  However, my Christmas etsy store kept me INSANELY busy - so THANKS for that to everyone that supported me.  I was shipping 4-10 items pretty much daily.  Not only did the holiday etsy store and a lot of overtime at the day job keep me busy, I've also been studying like a mad woman lately.  I took my entrance exam for MBA programs in mid December.  Now I'm working on applying to programs and writing my personal statement.  Apparently, from what I've learned so far, is to get drunk and write it.  Then edit sober.

Now that 2013 has arrived everyone is making these big resolutions.  I learned a long time ago to not make a big promise I probably won't keep.  Why not small, totally doable resolutions, that way when I bypass those, I feel like I actually accomplished something.

So in the spirit of small resolutions and the spirit of this blog - and to not get totally personal on you - because when I started this blog it was never my intent to do so...

1. Don't do mass lists of items on etsy/ebay.  It wastes a good portion of my day/evening by photographing, editing photos, researching, and listing all at once.  Split up all of those items for separate days or only do a few items a day.  This leaves time to do other things I need to do (see rest of list).
2. Try my damnedest to keep my "inventory room" (aka 3rd bedroom) clean and organized so that I can easily find things.  And don't leave inventory in random boxes in my garage and forget about it for months.
3. Blog more.  I'm not talking daily, but maybe 2-5 times a month.  And be a better blogger by commenting on friends' blogs more.
4. Don't sleep in on Saturdays when there's a great auction or estate sale that needs visited.  Unless I'm hungover.  I was totally guilty of that on New Year's Day, but that's basically National Hangover Day.
5. Tackle more then one sale where I am a vendor this year.  I learned a lot from my first experience.  I'm ready to take on a few month.
6. Drink more wine.
7. Build more things with my hands or refinish some furniture.

To not completely bore you, and to keep resolution #1, here's some pictures, and I'm listing these things in my main etsy store tonight... so check it out.  Remember these cream cans from the coldest auction ever?

Here's hoping to a wonderful 2013!