Thursday, April 11, 2013

Family Estate Sale

So last Saturday, at the auction where I bought a barn, it was actually the estate sale of my great aunt Catherine.  She was 97, so as you can imagine, she had a lot of stuff.  This sale was almost a year in the making, there was that much stuff.  My aunt and uncle had a big hand in putting it together, but I did get to help on Friday and Saturday before the sale.  It was the first outdoor auction of the year, so it drew a crowd of nearly 700 people.  A lot of it family.  I have a rather large family - I have about 350 living relatives on that side of my family alone.

I took a lot of pictures while we were setting up the Friday evening before the estate auction.  So here they are... Be warned there are a lot!

These following photos were from inside the house.  I will not show very many for privacy reasons.

Don't you LOVE this wallpaper?  I took home about 25 rolls of very old wallpaper from the sale.

What an AMAZING cabinet!

This was one of the last things I took out of the house to be sold.  I really wanted it for myself.  Some other lucky auction patron went home with it for a pretty penny.

Looking down the stairs from the upstairs.  Very steep, scary stairs.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures of my great aunt's things that she collected over her 97 years.  So happy that her auction brought in lots of a money for a great charity organization.  I will show pictures of what I got away with soon before I tag it and pack it away for my first outdoor sale of the year!

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  1. OMG i wish i would have been there..shame on u for not letting me know!


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