Sunday, May 19, 2013

Garage Sale Satuday

So Saturday I was limited to only a few hours in the morning to find new items, so I thought I'd try my hand at garage sales.  I have never had any luck before.  Even mapping out specific garage sales that list items I look for.  It's community/neighborhood garage sale time around these parts, so I picked 4 neighborhoods, 1 school rummage sale, and one Eagle's lodge rummage sale.  I will say - a few of the neighborhoods were complete busts.  And I'm not as luck as some of you out in blogland who find some of these amazing things, but I'm happy with what I did find...

Most of the haul.  Not picture: a mini
iron side table/plant stand and many,
many records.

Some Fire King and a mini crock.

Glass door knob, bean crock, ice bucket, and #13 half pint Ball jar.

#13 ball perfect mason pint, atlas e-z seal half gallon, ball
mason's patent nov. 30th 1858 quart, triple L ball mason quart

ball perfect mason half gallon, white crown mason quart, ball
mason's patent 1958 quart, ball ideal quart, ball half gallon
Not too bad, right?  Some items headed to etsy tonight...

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  1. FANTASTIC FINDS!!!! Thank you for linking up!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Whooo! I would say you did great! I don't often find that much stuff in one weekend!! Love it all! The jars and doorknobs are perfect decorating items. Fire King is always a good buy. Diann and I thank you for joining TTF this week and hope you will come back soon!


  3. Holy cow, GREAT finds! The blue jars and the door knob alone had me drooling! :)

  4. my grandfather's home has glass doorknobs just like those. if he ever remodels, i've called first dibs! great eye to spot all those gems.

  5. Wow you found a BC bowl! That's terrific. The jars are really pretty, too. I have a similar post on my blog with my recent finds, too. Visiting via Coastal Charm. Take care.

  6. Great finds! Can't miss with Ball Jars!

  7. I'm with you on yard sales. Hit and miss for sure. You scored this time, especially on the jars, they are awesome! And the door knob is super cool. Is it destined for something crafty?

  8. It's hard to find anything too great at yard sales, in my area, it might happen once a year, last weekend might have been my best, I don't see how anything else will compare!

  9. I can't believe you found all those jars garage saling! Awesome finds!


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