Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrift Store Finds + Grandma's Stuff

Yesterday I stopped by one of the many neglected Goodwills that I rarely go to anymore.  Found several great things that I couldn't pass up, because I knew they'd be gone before half price day in a little over a week.

Here's what I bought:

Lots of Pyrex cups + a sugar bowl, 3 glasbake blueberry mugs (I love this pattern), lots of Fire King golden anniversary, a flamingo pink Pyrex pie plate, and I know you can't see the 2 bottom plates very well, but one is a pink Hazel Atlas moderntone dinner plate, and the other is a MacBeth Evans Petalware dinner plate (same pattern as this one seen on etsy).

Also, mom visited grandma last weekend.  Grandma found a couple of items that have been out of use for a long time.  She asked if I could sell them for her.  So here's what's up for offering from my sweet grandma:

Victor hand crank adding machine.
Works GREAT! :)

Late 60s grey Royal typewriter.
Needs a little work.
Happy Thursday.  It's almost the weekend.  Probably no junking for me.  I have class on Saturday for 4 hours.  But it's about marketing with social media.  I love how I get to pick out all of these cool classes for my MBA program! :)


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  1. That typewriter is awesome! You probably won't have a problem selling any of that stuff.
    Have fun in your class! I'm excited to hear about it!

  2. I love that Flamingo Pink Pyrex!!! Great finds and your Grandmother's office items are super cool! Thanks for joining TTF this week.


  3. Whoa, I spotted Pyrex and had to have a look! And the GB blueberry mugs, I have one of those, plus a matching casserole. That's my favorite GB pattern. Very nice collection! Take care - Dawn

  4. Any time you can find Pyrex at the thrifts, you need to grab it! It's getting harder and harder to find. Great job:-)



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