Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thrift Store Thursday

After buying a new major appliance last night, I thought it would be nice to hit the thrift stores after work to look for something that wasn't along those lines...

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Those glasses are a neat pattern that I've never seen before. And the Pyrex plates are fantastic! Do you have a pink set that you use?
    So call me naive, but I had no idea of the actual cost of a nice/fancy fridge. Mine went out in the garage, so I was going to get a new one for the house and put the old one in the garage. Holy crap on a cracker! $2000 for one of the freezer on the bottom kind. Needless to say, I still am not over the sticker shock so we will be going without for a while!
    I hope the thrifting helped you to get over the pain of your big expenditure.

  2. Great finds! I do love the pinks! Thanks for linking up at TTF!


  3. I love vintage glassware and have a really difficult time leaving it behind if it is a good price. My only rule is that I can't buy whole sets. I like the mismatched look much more!


  4. I am dying over those Pyrex plates! Score!


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