Monday, July 8, 2013

My Saturday De-Stash Sale

There was pretty much nothing going on in Indy this past weekend in the way of auctions, estate sales, etc.  It was half price Saturday at Goodwill, but the prices have been so high lately, that even at half off, the price is still more than I'd like to pay on a lot of items.  So, I decided I was going to have a sale at my house to kind of de-stash a lot of stuff that I've had for awhile. 

I had a really great turn out!  Lots of people showed up when I opened at 8.  Many thanked me for having the sale, because they noticed that nothing was going on that weekend too.  I did as well as, if not better, than most days I set up at the flea for 8 hours.  And I only stayed open for 4 hours.  Well, it ended up being 4 and half hours because, of course, you have those peope that show up RIGHT as you're closing, hoping to really low-ball you on some stuff.  One guy kinda made me mad about it.  Was asking how much everyhing was, even though it was clearly marked.  He was offered $1 for items that were priced $10, $15, and he even offered $1 for a $25 item.  Uh, no.  I politely declined all of his offers and he ended up leaving empty-handed.

Well, I want to show you the set up from before I opened up Saturday morning...

It's pretty obvious I set up in my garage.  Which is really ugly.  Even when I cleaned it up really nicely.  And used lacy table clothes to cover ugly things like my lawn mower, etc.

My garage is still set up.  But, I think it's finally time to deep clean my storage room, and move all my merchandise back inside.

Happy Monday!

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  1. That's the type of sale I wish I could stumble upon! Usually I only ever find the ones with tons of baby clothes hahaha

  2. It sounds like the sale went well, good for you!
    Some people are just rude! Geez... like you are giving stuff away. Psssshh! :-)

  3. Your sale is the kind that I like to see when I am getting out of my car!! Pyrex & Ball jars?!! Perfect:-)

    Have a great weekend,



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