Monday, August 26, 2013

Booth Update + Weekend Thrifts

I decided to not attend any sales this weekend, not that there were any good ones anyway.  Instead, I went to my booth to rearrange it, because I had sold a enough items that they needed replaced.  Here's what the booth looked like at the beginning of the month:

 Here's what it looked like Saturday when I was done:

You can check out my Facebook page (and like it!) for more pictures.  My mall just called me a couple hours ago and told me that the big white cabinet sold.  So, I have to go into the mall tomorrow to replace it with another cabinet I have.

I made a big donation to the goodwill on Satuday as well.  Here's a look at what I donated:

I also picked up some things while I was there. I figured I deserved it...

Dropping another truck load at the goodwill on my way home from work.  Also have my orientation for my graduate (MBA) program tonight.  Classes start for me on Thursday.  I hope to continue to post as much as I do now, but may not be able to, as I work full time, going to school full time, and have an antique booth and 2 etsy stores to maintain.

Thanks to all who have been following along.  I really appreciate the support that you guys have provided!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday Thrift Finds

I don't know what made me stop at the thrifts on the way home yesterday.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to go home.  Lots of work to do around the house before fall semester starts next Monday.  But, I did stop by 3 stores... and here's what I found...

A little Clapton...

Blind Faith, Chicago, and Paul McCartney

Crosby, Stiles, Nash, & Young, The Allman Brothers, and Styx

Can you believe this beauty was still
sitting on the shelf at Goodwill?
Works PERFECTLY and has all
the paperwork and extra ribbon.

Cute blow mold that is now in my
Christmas etsy shop.

Pyrex bowl, 3 Japan mugs, and a FK grog mug

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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Best Thursday Estate Sale

I decided to work a little extra at the beginning of this week so that I could leave early Thursday to hit up the tail end of the first day of an estate sale.  Usually most estate sales around here, I am disappointed with.  We really haven't had a good one in awhile.  We're more into auctions here in Indiana.  Anyway, let's see what I bought...

So, if you're counting... that's 52 Ball pint jars, 12 Ball half gallon jars, 8 crocks, 3 boxes of feather tree ornaments, 2 cameras, 1 Bromwell sifter, and Coda by Led Zeppelin.  I think it was worth it to leave work a little early... don't you?

Now this weekend I'm flying to St. Louis to cheer on my Green Bay Packers.  Maybe I'll get to stop into a thrift store or 2?  Anyways, GO PACK GO!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend: New Booth + Awesome Finds

So, I know I've been MIA for a little while, but I had to finish up my summer class.  I turned in my final paper on Friday evening.  I'm just waiting on my final grade, which is due from the instructor to the university by tomorrow.  I went in to the final with a 97% in the class, so here's hoping I keep up that A!

In all of the madness of writing my 8 page final paper, which involved more research than my 25 page senior thesis from undergrad, I also signed a contract for my first booth space.  If you've been following along with me on Facebook I posted pictures from move in day.

I had a wonderful friend, Tabitha, help move me in.  If it weren't for her, it would've taken me forever!!

Early in the week for a much needed paper writing break, I made this sign.  I thought it was a little cheesy...

After Saturday morning, here are the final results:

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I did choose to have a space this small.  I just wanted to get my feet wet to start off with.  I wanted a little something to supplement my etsy shops, because I decided I'm done with fleas for the remainder of the year and probably until next summer, to be honest.

So after the booth was done, of course we had to hit up the Goodwill outlet, because it was half price Saturday.  Here's what I got...

A boat load of linens, texasware lunch tray, shiny brites, advertising tin, and Noma bulbs.

Sunday I headed ou to the last day of an estate sale... and here's the goodies I picked up...

So many cute books.  Lots of fun graphics and great colors.  These will probably be sold in stacks in etsy or some may be headed to the new booth. Who knows?  Let me tell you, decided what goes to the booth and what stays on etsy is a HARD decision!  Also, a couple of cute linens.

After the estate sale, I headed to Tipton, IN to an auction run by a company I had never been to before.  I didn't mind them, I just think I'll probably only go in the future if they have awesome stuff (like yesterday).  So wanna see what I got?

This AMAZING spice rack and a rusty crusty scale.  I'm going to see if the rust will clean up a little bit.  Anyone have any good rust removing tricks?

This was my next win at the auction.  This set was overall pretty in really good condition minus the usual scratches in the paint.  The blue and the red were more well-loved than the others.  I think the shiny-ness is fading on the bottom of them.  Still deciding If I want these for myself.  As if I need more Pyrex in my kitchen.  But this is the first full set I've ever bought.

So continues the Pyrex theme...

This red one will probably get switched out with the red one in the primary set, because it looks a lot nicer.  This crazy daisy (spring blossom) one I already have, but I do collect this pattern, so it's hard to part with.

These bowls are MINT.  Absolute mint!  And they look great together. 

I already had the blue dots, which was a 25 cent yard sale find last summer.  All I need are the orange and green.  In the mall where my antique booth is, one of the vendors had a mint orange dots for $11.  That's more than I've paid for every piece in my collection.  Maybe if that booth has a sale, I'll pick it up!

What a beautiful lime green lasagna pan and good condition and this desert dawn brownie pan is absolutely mint!

Next came this large yellow fridgie.  It has a few chips in the lid.  It also needs cleaned up, but the paint is awesome still.

This is the final purchase of Sunday.  And the best.  Again, spring blossom is my pattern, but I already have 5 fridgies in this pattern.  What's 3 more?  Also, I already have plenty of red fridgies.  They're always quick sellers.  I'm thinking of saving the orange for myself.  And then a plain white.  What set does a plain white one belong to?  If any?

I have the rest of August off from classes, so looking forward to some extra thrifting and junking.  I am headed to a Green Bay Packers game in St. Louis in 2 weeks.  Can't freaking wait for that.  They've been my team since I was knee high.  Also hoping to get in a brewery tour and a ride up in the arch.  We're staying in a really cool old hotel downtown.

Happy Monday!!

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