Friday, August 16, 2013

The Best Thursday Estate Sale

I decided to work a little extra at the beginning of this week so that I could leave early Thursday to hit up the tail end of the first day of an estate sale.  Usually most estate sales around here, I am disappointed with.  We really haven't had a good one in awhile.  We're more into auctions here in Indiana.  Anyway, let's see what I bought...

So, if you're counting... that's 52 Ball pint jars, 12 Ball half gallon jars, 8 crocks, 3 boxes of feather tree ornaments, 2 cameras, 1 Bromwell sifter, and Coda by Led Zeppelin.  I think it was worth it to leave work a little early... don't you?

Now this weekend I'm flying to St. Louis to cheer on my Green Bay Packers.  Maybe I'll get to stop into a thrift store or 2?  Anyways, GO PACK GO!

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  1. worth it to leave work early....good job!

  2. Yeah, it was totally worth it to leave work early. That damn job is holding you back anyway! : )
    Look at all those jars? Do you have a count on how many you have?

  3. Oh my, good find and well worth leaving work early!! Love all those jars!!
    Thanks for linking up to TTF!


  4. Oh,my - you are all set for jars - it must have been fun!!!

  5. Wow, that's amazing! I agree about estate sales in IN -- they leave much to be desired, usually. Great finds!

  6. nice! Would love to come across those jars! Just learned to can last year, still need to build my supply!

  7. Totally worth getting up for great finds.

  8. Wow that's a lot of jars! And crocks! I love old crocks, the ones you got are so cool. Great cameras, too. Take care - Dawn

  9. Why have a job when there are important sales & auctions to attend? Well, besides for the obvious part about making money needed for the sales and auctions:-)

    Amazing score on the jars! I am assuming you got them for pretty cheap to buy that many. Blue jars around here run around $12.00 just for one!

    Good luck to your Packers!



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