Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday Thrift Finds

I don't know what made me stop at the thrifts on the way home yesterday.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to go home.  Lots of work to do around the house before fall semester starts next Monday.  But, I did stop by 3 stores... and here's what I found...

A little Clapton...

Blind Faith, Chicago, and Paul McCartney

Crosby, Stiles, Nash, & Young, The Allman Brothers, and Styx

Can you believe this beauty was still
sitting on the shelf at Goodwill?
Works PERFECTLY and has all
the paperwork and extra ribbon.

Cute blow mold that is now in my
Christmas etsy shop.

Pyrex bowl, 3 Japan mugs, and a FK grog mug

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  1. Love that blowmold! I bet it sells super fast. And that Fire King frog mug is way cute. I've never seen one before. I used to be a frog collector, even got one tattooed on my hip (stupid placement 11 years later).

  2. Great finds!! Typewriter is similar to one my mom had from the 50s. Visiting from TTF.

  3. I remember the Fire King Grog Mug from my childhood! It's very cute!

  4. That's a cute blow mold,I've never seen that one!

  5. Great finds! Love the typewriter and the Christmas blow mold. I always love to find vintage records. Thanks for linking to TTF this week.


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