Monday, October 7, 2013

Full Weekend of Finds

Friday night I had a wonderful dinner with my bf and then he let me go to the Goodwill Outlet.  He also put on gloves and helped me dig for goodies.  Isn't he the best?  You know, he wasn't too keen on the idea of this when we first started dating.  I think the idea is growing on him.  Look what we found:

The bf also joined me for an auction on Saturday morning as well.  He's definitely buying brownie points.  Here's what I got:

I also picked up a table full of old bottles... but they will need a good wash before they are camera ready.

Sunday I went in search of the largest bowl in the white/yellow/black Gooseberry set, as I had seen it at a flea market in the last couple weeks.  I went to pick it up, and of course, it was gone.  However, I picked up lots more Pyrex:

My momma also picked up TONS of goodies for me while garage saleing with her sister on Friday morning.  They luckily stumbled upon a barn sale from a woman who is an antique dealer and has been for years.  I may or may not have time to ever photograph it.  But, I will say, there's lots of Pyrex, Fire King, and Hazel Atlas.

Here's to a good week!

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  1. I'm almost drooling over all the lovely kitchen glass and pitcher sets! This is just the stuff I love! I really hope you'll link this up to my link party, We Call It Olde, this post is perfect for it. New party started this morning. It's for any antiques, vintage, or history related post. Hope to see you there - Dawn @ We Call It

    1. Dawn - I did link up! Thanks for stopping by to check out my finds! :)

  2. WOW! You got ALL that Pyrex last week??? So impressed!

  3. I'm amazed you found all this wonderful stuff in one weekend!! How fun is that!!! I love the Pyrex!

  4. I am stunned by the everything that you found last week. Pyrex is my favorite thing but vintage pitchers and glassware are a close second. I would have loved to have gone to that auction! You have got to show us the stuff your mom got for you. Hazel Atlas, Fire King, & Pyrex?! Don't tease us!!


  5. I just wanted to come back and say Thank You for joining my link party! I just noticed the doughnut or mini-cake pan you found - I'm looking for one of those myself. Yes, I agree with ThrifterSisters, we want to see it all! Thanks again and hope to see you there each Tuesday - Dawn

  6. Wow that is a heck of a lot of Pyrex to bring home in one weekend. Amazing! Looks great.

  7. Oh, my goodness - that is a lot of stuff!!

    I had to make the first picture bigger - love those knee huggers!!! And love how you have them displayed!

  8. Loads of Holiday and Dinnerware goodies, my favs! Love all your scores.

  9. Melissa you found some incredible things. I love Pyrex and your pieces are fantastic. Thanks for sharing all your finds at TTF this week!

    Hugs and WELCOME!

  11. Oh my goodness! So many wonderful finds! Love all the pyrex!

  12. Yowza! Yeah, those are the sales I want to go too! :)

  13. OH MY... so jealous of all the GREEN pyrex! I want to go back to using VINTAGE pyrex and fire king and glasbake, not the current wallyworld stuff. And in particular am wanting the greens and whites. And you find so many of them!!! So jealous ;(


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