Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mom's Garage Sale Finds

Last Friday mom went garage sale-ing with her sister, as I mentioned in this post.  I know I teased you with the words: Pyrex, Fire King, and Hazel Atlas.  I told you, even I didn't know all she got.  I know, I told you I didn't know if I had time to photograph it.  Well, good news, my final exam for my Organizational Behavior class was going to be today, but my prof postponed it until I get back from vacation at the end of this month.  Lucky me!  AND lucky you.  I had time to unwrap and take some pictures.

I know you can see some of the tags on them still.  This all mostly came from a barn sale that a woman was having.  She had been an antique dealer for a long time.  Back when some of this stuff wasn't an antique, probably!

I really love the 50 cent nick nack shelf!  Also, the spoon holder as a hankie display was a marvelous idea mom had!  And that 70s orange desk lamp.  I'm pretty tempted to keep that.  Mom did a great job.

So, this weekend FINALLY starts the Covered Bridge Festival.  I wrote two of my first posts, almost 2 years ago about it here and here, and I wrote about my first experience selling at the festival here.  If I weren't leaving for my DUBLIN AND LONDON vacation next week, I would totally set up and sell again.  Oh well, prepping for vacation sounds more fun.

Here's hoping to a good weekend full of garage sale and Covered Bridge Festival goodies.

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  1. That's the kind of barn sale I would like to go to! I went to one over the summer and it was just a bunch of guy stuff! ♥

  2. Oh wow, I would swoon at seeing all that Pyrex, Fire King and vintage stuff! Love It!! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  3. Unbelievable - that's all I can say!!! Lucky you and lucky Mom!!


    Lucky ducks! That's a lot of Pyrex.

  5. Your Mom did a great job!!! That's a great lamp...did you decide to keep it?


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