Sunday, December 29, 2013

Favorite Finds from 2013

With the end of the year upon us, I thought I would take a look back at some of my favorite finds.  I'll be going through chronologically.  As you can see below some months and days were better than others.


This chippy green shelf has been featured in many photographs and is now a staple piece in my antique booth.

This basket of old school supply numbers and letters was a fantastic purchase.  So many folks bought them for journaling.  Or because they remembered eating them during class instead of using them...


This bar cart is now in my kitchen and holds all of my cocktail supplies and snacks to go with those cocktails.

Of course some vintage Christmas had to make the list eventually.  All of these made in Japan spun heads and putz houses have found new homes this year!

I scored some Led Zeppelin records at an auction in June too.  That was my boyfriend's favorite purchase this year.

And, even though I'm not through showing all of my favorite finds from this year, I knew when I found this it would be my favorite find of the year.

My aluminum Christmas tree!  She was also the only decoration I had to time to set up this year.


I love this stack of vintage suitcases.  They have all found new homes this year. 

And the yellow new dots bowl!  It is sitting with the blue one I already have.  Still looking for the orange and green for a good price.


I bought a lot of cameras this year.  This one is by far my favorite.  Aqua blue... swoon.


I hit an auction in October that blew me away.  And my friends started calling me the Pyrex Whisperer.

October was so good to me.  The same weekend I hit this auction, Mom went garage sale-ing.

This awesomeness of October continues.  It was my favorite month for great buys.  The annual Covered Bridge Festival left me a lot of good stuff.


This primitive cabinet was my favorite furniture buy from the year.  It is the center piece in my booth.

This 24 drawer parts cabinet was probably my second favorite find of the year.

And more Beatles records for my vast collection.  Still looking for a vintage record player to play these on.  It's just not the same on a new record player.

I found lots of Pyrex this year.  But my Black Friday Pyrex haul was by far one of the best days for Pyrex.

What was your favorite find from 2013?

Happy New Year!

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  1. So many awesome finds Melissa!
    I actually found ONE vintage item at the the GW yesterday! :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! The aluminum Christmas tree rocks!! I would love to find one of those for a small decoration area at my home. I love the things you are finding. Someday I am going to go to a large flea market type place and just look and have fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'll take it all please! The tree is fabulous and so it the all the Pyrex (I'm so jealous!) but I really really love the red cabinet. It's wonderful!

  4. That shelf and tree! So many glorious finds :D !

  5. You had a great year, Melissa! I absolutely adore the red tool cabinet and am dying to know what you paid for it, but that's probably very rude of it in your shop? I'm just a little nosy...

  6. I just love that green shelf unit, by itself it doesn't look that big, but it holds a lot! I have that same Cosco cart, just found it this year, and I use it as a kitchen island and really love it. And I love your Pyrex dots bowl, I'd swoon if I ever found them in the wild. Thanks so much for joining my History & Home party, the very best to you in 2014 -Dawn @ We Call It

  7. I am in LOVE with the primitive cabinet!! It is awesome!

  8. Melissa you really did hit the Pyrex jackpot! Love all of it. Also you found some great staging pieces. It is fun looking back at our year! Thanks for sharing yours at TTF!

  9. So many super finds! I can't decide which is my favorite but if I had to choose it would be the suitcases and the tree. I am so wanting an aluminum tree! When I was in grade school they always had one in the cafeteria with the color wheel.


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