Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowy Sunday Sale

Last Sunday I battle a slight snow storm, some sleet, and unplowed country roads to get to a really great looking sale that was taking place about an hour south of me.  I grew up in the Midwest, so driving in the snow doesn't really phase me.  In fact, I recall the day after I got my driver's license when I was 16, it had snowed about 6 inches.  I think they even let us out early that day because it kept snowing more and more.  What's the craziest thing you've ever done or craziest weather you've ever battled to get to a sale?

2 cake carriers, a japan Santa candy holder, and ORANGE
ornaments!  I NEVER find orange!

It wouldn't be a sale, if I didn't pick up some Pyrex.  I really
want to keep the snowflake dish, but it will make it's way
to the booth this weekend... maybe.

Some great older toys.  I love
the little pail and shovel.

More toys.

So, I bought a metric ton of vintage linens this weekend.  I have been working on soaking and ironing for several days now.  I didn't get the chance to photograph most of them.

Check out this AMAZING
crazy quilt (top).  It is probably
full sized.  The hand sewing
and embroidery is amazing.

The most amazing cute old
baby quilt.  I posted this to
my Facebook earlier tonight
and it already sold!

This aqua blue and white wool
twin sized blanket is so
kitschy!  It screams 70s.

The view of half of a queen sized chenille bedspread.  It has
a few spots, but they should come right now after a good

We're expecting several more inches of snow this weekend.  I haven't seen any good sales, so I will probably just go to spruce up the booth.  What are you guys doing this weekend?


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  1. Ooo! I'd have to keep those Pyrex finds!

    We're having a 30 degree heat wave that brought some snow with it!
    I drove through some wild winter weather during the 5 years I lived in Michigan but it was never to a sale. I was a small time thrifter back then!

    It must be fun going through all those linens.
    That used to be "my thing" but I finally ran out of room!

  2. Love your enthusiasm. and that baby quilt is special. keep the pyrex! you'll be sorry you sold it.

    going to an auction tomorrow after yard sales hope i'm as lucky as you were!

  3. The Johnson County Antique show in Franklin is tomorrow at the fairgrounds. It's about 30 miles south of Indy. Starts at 9 I think. $2.00 admission. I really like how you photograph your items, really makes a big difference in selling online I'm sure.

  4. How I would love to find one space saver with a lid, or just a lid! I'm hitting the thrifts almost daily until Christmas. Scouring Christmas decorations. Always do the Pyrex check first. (Hubby showed me the cutest Golden book today "The Baggy Elephant".) I want to craft, but thrifting so much poops me out!

  5. LOVE that baby quilt and the sand pail ! Those pails sell for quite a bit huh?
    Wow! I still don't know how you find more Pyrex than anyone I know!
    Um...The craziest thing I ever did to go to an Estate sale was that I got there at 1:00 in the morning. It was cold and rainy, and I never fell asleep. I got number 6 I think though!! So it was worth it! LOL Erica :)
    ps. Maybe I already asked you this. So sorry if I did. But are you able to put the regular Google Blogger Follow This Blog thingy on your sidebar? I don't see where people can follow you? I had to put you in my favorites instead. But maybe it's not a problem???

  6. All the toys and linens...what a haul! I adore that chenille bed spread. I keep kicking myself in the ass for passing on one of those at an estate sale a few months ago.
    I think the craziest thing we've done to get to a sale was drive from Colorado to Minnesota in the middle of a snow storm to get to Junk Bonanza. No way in hell were we going to miss that!

  7. Wow, looks like it was worth it for sure! Thanks for sharing all these great vintage finds at TTF!

  8. I LOVE all the vintage toys, gorgeous!

  9. I used my Snowflake Space Saver the other day! I'm one of those weird collectors who has seasonal Pyrex. How weird would it be to use Snowflakes in July?

    Never driven in bad snow to a sale but did get to one at 4 am once for a sale that started at noon. TONS of awesome stuff & totally worth it!

    Happy Holidays!


  10. I have the white snowflake space saver, but not the blue, yay for you for finding it! LOVE that baby quilt, aawwww. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home party, I hope you keep coming back, each Tuesday :) Wishing you blessings ~ Dawn @ We Call It


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