Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I attempted one auction on Saturday morning.  The prices made me CRY.  Or drink.  Yes, that.  So, I went to a few nearby thrift and antique stores.  At the nearby Goodwill Outlet I spent 66 cents (yay for things bought by the pound).  At a certain antique mall that I have come to hate, I finally got lucky.  Door knobs and door plates for 50 cents each?  I WANT THEM ALL.  When the lady was ringing up my stuff, she was charging me only 50 cents for each FULL door knob set (with door plate).  She said, "I should have priced my items better.  Oh well.  Passing along the deal to you."  I told her I was willing to pay for each part individually, but she wouldn't hear of it.  That antique mall has redeemed itself for another trip.  At a new (to me) thrift store, I scored some awesome paper ephemera for cheap.  I am thinking I want to go back and make an offer on all of it.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, I was in a rush to get all the new goodies to my booth, I forgot to take pictures.  I did get to my booth later and rearranged everything.  However, due to time constraints, I only snapped one picture.  I call this piece "Green."

This is now the display at the front of my booth.  I love St. Patty's Day (thank you Irish heritage)!  I've also plopped in some cool early 1900s Easter postcards.  I will be changing up the display after St. Patty's Day to go for more of the pastel colors of Easter and spring.

The weatherman is threatening us with more snow this weekend.  I hope not, as I plan on driving all the way to Ohio for a killer 2-day auction.

Here's to good junk to come!

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  1. Aside from today, I haven't seen Spring Blossom Green in what seems like forever considering it was one of the most common patterns I came across. Today's stayed on the shelf. Nice & dishwashered.

  2. WOW... you have all the lovely green pieces I want (pyrex and such) in lovely spring blosson green, verdi and such. I want to go BACK to using the vintage pyrex and such everyday in my retro kitchen. I adore the greens! So love your booth - wish you were here in my neck of the world (SW GA). So would love it all!

  3. Lots of great green in your booth! Thanks for linking up to TTF!

  4. Love how you have all the green displayed...looks great!

  5. Nuts to more snow! I'm so over it! I hope you were able to get there.
    Your booth looks fantastic! That green display is so cheery. I'm thinking I need to head over to my booth and attempt the same kind of thing. Lord knows I have enough Square Flowers Pyrex to do it. : )

  6. How pretty! I hope you don't get any snow.


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