Monday, March 10, 2014

Christmas, Cocktails, Records, and a Typewriter

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Went to an auction this weekend... and I basically bought out a record store.  I can't wait to go through them in more detail.  There's at least 500+ 33s and 45s.  Not to mention a few 78s.

Here's the few goodies I picked up:

I love this vintage-style Crosley record player, that was a gift from my wonderful bf.  As you can see, there are a few of the awesome records I picked up.  I debated keeping the cocktail shaker for myself.  I love the kitschy Christmas wreath.  Always a good day when you find vintage Christmas.  Of course some kitchen items made it home with me too: swanky swigs and Pyrex.

Then there's these beauties. A 1933 and 1934 yearbook from my Alma Mater, Indiana University,  I may have trouble parting with these.

I also went to an auction with my junkin' buddy on Sunday.  I picked up many boxes of vintage ornaments... that are already packed away thanks to my spring cleaning!  I packed up my unlisted Christmas stuff that I will start listing again in July.  I also got a Smith Corona typewrite exactly like this one I picked up last June in a town wide garage sale.

I also got a huge lot of souvenir glasses and vintage post cards.  Haven't had the chance to go through them.  Will show you guys as soon as I do!

What vintage goodness did you guys get this weekend?

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  1. Ooo! Love that record player!

    My treasure hunting has been limited lately and I really miss it!

  2. Nice! I'm excited to see what treasures you find in your record haul.

  3. Love your record player, so jealous! :D Gorgeous scores all around.


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