Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Estate Sale Friday

So last Friday I had the day off.  We had the first good-looking estate sale in months.  I arrived an hour early to be #6 on the list.  It was a digger/hoarder sale... so I was there for about an hour locating what I wanted.

Let me show you what I found.  These were posted to Facebook already.  Go like my page to get peeks at all my finds (sometimes days!) before blogland gets to see them!  Some of the items made it to my booth before they were photographed.

The new stuff from this picture are: the license plates, door plates, and this card display (that I've been meaning to use for MONTHS now).  I picked up the license plates and door plates at an architectural salvage place that I LOVE.  They have over 10,000 square feet of goodness.

New in this picture are the set of rainbow aluminum cups that I picked up at a second estate sale I attended Friday after the hoarder sale.

New to this picture is the ironstone platter full of lots of old door knobs.  Also picked up at the architectural salvage place.

New to this picture are the door plates from the architectural salvage place and the 15 Hazel Atlas souvenir glasses from the auction last Sunday.  I promised you I would photograph them when I had time.  Still working on digging through all the records and postcards.  I have gotten through about 500 45s and have come away with about 150 good ones that are now in the booth.  I've picked through a few of the Easter postcards to take to the booth.

Here's the rest of the stuff I got from the estate sales on Friday.  PLEASE, please ignore the part of the photo leading to my junk inventory room.  I forgot to crop it out, like I usually do! ;)

I love these santa mugs.  I can't keep them on the shelves during Christmas.  I hunt for them all year.  2 still have their original labels - they've never been used!  Who can pass up a blue Ball jar, especially when they're cheap?  I also couldn't resist buying the metal 45 case.  It holds about 75 45s, I've found.

So, those things are all cigar boxes that are painted white and vintage handles are attached.  They were stacked on a shelf in the basement at the hoarder auction.  They held all sorts of nuts and bolts.  I really just wanted the handles.  Also got the 2 wood cigar boxes.

2 pieces of ironstone that I plan on listing on the Mustard Seed Pages.  If you haven't checked out this cool marketplace that Miss Mustard Seed has created, do so immediately, especially if you like the same things she does!  Also picked up this cute little box of vintage plastic holiday coasters.

One of the wood cigar boxes full of vintage drawer pulls that I dug out of the basement.

Last, but not least, I rescued these 2 little deer from the hoarder basement.

There were no prospects of any sales or auctions on Saturday, so I decided I needed to revamp the booth.  The reason for the major overhaul is because my mall is having an event they call "Deal with the Dealer" Day.  All of the dealers get to work their own booth space and make deals with the people wanting to buy things.  I had not revamped my booth in over 2 weeks and it was noticeable.  But, it's generally a good sign when you booth is noticeably picked through.  So, here she is all prettied-up, just for you...

This is the new addition to the booth.  There used to be a cool old washstand, but nobody else thought it was cool.  Saving it for the flea market this summer.  I used vintage wallpaper to back the shelf because the backing had been replaced at some point with wood that didn't match the rest of the shelf.  Spray glue and vintage wallpaper were the quickest solution.  This is one of the pieces of furniture I picked up at this auction.

I truly don't think I can get anything else in this space!

The start of "Project Make the Ugly Metal Roof Support Beam Look Pretty"

I added a little strip of magnet to the back of a clothes pin and decorated the front with some washi tape I have.  Ahh, the many uses of washi tape!  I have been working on dozens more of these to bring to the booth with me for Saturday's event.  The event is from 11a-3p and there will be food and drinks.

Carmel Old Town Antique Mall
38 W. Main St.
Carmel, IN 46032
Dealer # 244 (upstairs)

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  1. Well I think your beautify the beam project worked!
    The hankies and pins caught my eye immediately!
    I clicked to enlarge a lot of these photos.
    Girl, your booth is awesome!

  2. I know I've told you this before but I would freak out if I came across a booth like yours! It has EVERYTHING I love and collect. I am dying over those HA souvenir glasses. One of my favorite collections.

    Have an awesome day!


  3. Your booth is looking awesome!!! And I love the washi tape magnet clothespins. That's a freaking genius idea!
    You're going to kill it Saturday. Good luck!

  4. Great finds! Found you through Junkin' Joe. I have a question about your booth. Do you find it is worth the monthly rental fees? I've been trying to decide whether or not to get one as I clean out my mom's estate of lots of antiques and over 2,000 Raggedy Ann items. Advice gladly accepted :-)

  5. I have a metal support in my booth - nifty idea to hide it. Great goodies!

  6. Wow, great thrifty finds! You booth looks wonderfully full and happy! Thanks for sharing at TTF.

  7. Wow, you really got a ton of great stuff. I am ready for a hoarder sale myself, haven't been to one in a while!


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