Monday, April 21, 2014

First Outdoor Onsite Auction of the Season

I had a feeling that spring had truly sprung the weekend that garage sales really started to pop up and I brought home that truck load of suitcases. (Seriously, I still can't believe it!) But, it really hit me Saturday when I attended my first outdoor onsite auction.  These are my ABSOLUTE favorite type of auction.  I know it sounds nosy, but I like visiting old farms and getting to peek around at what was once someone's life.  It's especially neat if it's chalk full of antiques.  These onsite auctions aren't always old farms with places to peek around, sometimes they're small in-town bungalows.  Either way - still interesting.

So, let me show you what I brought home... Again, if you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen these.

These ended up looking pretty good once cleaned up.
These must've been the everyday, workhorse bowls.

I think the layer of dirt turned a lot of people off from this set.
But, after washing them (by hand, not dishwasher!) these
are absolutely MINT CONDITION.  I was pretty ecstatic.

I have never seen a Pueblo promo in the wild.  It was also
absolutely mint condition.

Woodland 402 and Snowflake 043... also mint condition.

2 Butterfly Gold 402s

Golden Hearts promo that I debating keeping.  Great size.

Holiday promo with a VERY chipped lid.  I'll be keeping this
but need a new lid.  IF YOU HAVE ONE - EMAIL ME! I am
open to trades or paying for it!

Fire King with the wrong lid and it is not a Pyrex lid and
doesn't fit the Holiday promo :(

Vintage tin, Shawnee kitty kat s&p shakers, and RCA dog
s&p shakers.

These are the 2 finds I will actually be keeping!
The bottle says MRS and I think will be perfect for a
wedding someday.  And I just fell in love with this
chalkware doggie!  What shall I name him?

Final auction buys: a 33 record case, Redman picnic basket,
and lots of wooden spools.
Sunday (yes, Easter, no judgement!) I went to my antique mall to bring in some of these new items and rearrange my booth.  Take a peek HERE to see what it looked like beforehand.  It had been A MONTH since I did any kind of rearranging. It needed it.  And secretly, even though it is a lot of work, I love to rearrange my space.  It's therapeutic.  And to do it on a day with lesser than normal Sunday traffic made sense to me. So here's the new space...

Thanks for taking a stroll through my booth!

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. I cannot believe that you picked up all the Pyrex at a single auction! You got some great pieces that will definitely sell quickly in your booth. BTW...your booth! I have told you this before but it is one that I would frequent weekly!

    Have an awesome week,


  2. What a Score! I am a sucker for pyrex, I would have kept the aqua for my own collection,... great finds!

  3. What a fun auction that must have been :) I bought my first piece of pyrex in a long while, a small butterprint pattern that I might have to keep. I'm loving the white and aqua! Your booth looks great -- all neat and tidy. Blessings--

  4. Oh my goodness, girl, you're the Pyrex Whisperer, that's what you are! Love your finds! Send some good Pyrex wishes my way, will ya? Thank you so much for sharing this at this week's History and Home Link Party on We Call It Junkin - take care! -Dawn

  5. WOW you did good love all the Pyrex and I like how you displayed it all.
    Have a great week.

  6. I love that type of auction or estate sale too, wandering around the property and poking around all the great stuff, such fun!

    Can't believe you found all that Pyrex (and sets!) in such great condition. I have the hearts promo and bake in it all the time. :) Your booth looks fabulous, I'd like to spend an hour there. :)

  7. I love outdoor walk-around auctions - you get the best deals there. Love the Pyrex collection and I still am drooling over the cabinets in your booth!

  8. I would definitely keep the Golden Hearts, that is such a pretty piece.

    I want any and all Christmas Pyrex, hope I find that bowl some day!

  9. Your booth is absolutely gorgeous! So much pyrex. We don't have a lot of outside auctions around here. I did attend one in Washington last year that I loved. Maybe I need to travel further away and find me some.

  10. You found some stunning Pyrex! Your booth would be a dream to visit. Thanks for visiting TTF!


  11. Squeeee! So much good Pyrex. It much be good Pyrex season for the Melissas. : )
    Your booth look fantastic!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing. Love your spot! Have a great weekend and hope you find lots of goodies!

  13. Hi. I'm from Indiana and I would like to visit your booth! Where are you located? Thanks! Beth

    1. Hi Beth, you can visit me at Carmel Old Town Antique Mall, 38 W. Main Street, Carmel, IN. They're open every day from 10a-7p.



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