Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garage Sale Season Has Started With a Bang!

There are a few little reminders that spring has arrived here in central Indiana.  It's starting to warm up a tad.  There's a few daffodils and tulips popping up here and there.  And garage sales are starting back up.  Yes, finally!!  It has been a long, cold winter without them.  I browsed craigslist for promising sales.  There weren't that many to speak of.  And sometimes you just know that a seller added the word "antiques" or "vintage" to draw you in to their baby clothes and crap sale.

The first sale I had on my list to visit I thought was going to be one of those sales.  They were mainly advertising Winnie the Pooh and Coke collectibles.  I HATE the term collectibles because it means to many different things to different people.  But, I took a shot.  I mean, I was desperate for a good junk fix.  And it was only about a 10 minute drive from my house.

So, I had to drive back home right afterwards.

Seriously, mom even had to carry something in her lap.  I mean, a mint condition Coke cooler is precious cargo, right?

Okay, I'm going to pause for dramatic effect.  And to tell you to sit down.  Seriously, sit down.

For reference I am 5'6".  And mom has amazing packing skills that enabled us to get these home in my RAV4.

Okay, here's some close ups so you can drool a little more.  I know I still am.

25 suitcases later, I still wasn't done.  The sellers were still bringing stuff outside.

I also ended up with this (pretty much) mint condition Coke cooler.  And, what I thought, at first, were bowling pins.  They're definitely juggling pins.  Which really makes them cooler.

I was on a junking high at this point.  I was just hoping there was something else out there for me to find.  The next garage sale was a bust.  The estate sale (run by a family) after that was pretty much a bust.  It was only 9:45 by this point and the next place on our list was a flea market that opened at 10.

We were not even en route for a few minutes and mom spots a sign for a church rummage sale.  I quickly braked and make the turn.  The parking lot was bursting at the seams.  I didn't think there would be much left, considering this thing had probably been open almost 2 hours.  We walk through the door, and I saw that familiar milk glass.  I said, "I see Pyrex!" and dashed for it.  I quickly spied a Hazel Atlas cocktail shaker and glass and dashed to pick those up as mom found a box for the Pyrex.  When I went to check out my total didn't add up to much, so I made a donation on top of that.  Wanted to keep the good karma going that I was having.

Not much more to write home about.  Everywhere else we hit were just flea markets.  We attempted a few Goodwills with no luck.  The stores were insanity - it was half price day.  We decided to skip the rest and hit the flea market near my house and then head home.

So, are you ready for more pictures?  Here's everything else I got after that first garage sale.

The HA cocktail shaker (sans top) and glass were the ones I mentioned above that I picked up from the church rummage sale.  I also picked up the cookie press there.  The rest were flea market finds.

All of these are flea market finds except the green handled tool.  It was from the estate sale and will stay in my personal collection.

I didn't realize I cut off the butterprint fridgies in this pic!  I was so happy to find those at the flea.  The Pyrex I dashed for at the church rummage sale were these 2 4pc sets of Pyrex tableware.  The egg beater was another estate sale item.

So, I'm a day and a half out from the great garage sale haul and I'm still riding that junkin' high.  It has me optimistic about garage sales again.  I usually go back and forth about if I think they're worth my time or not.

(Virtually) Slap me later in the garage sale season when I complain about not finding much and remind me of this day.

What did you guys find this weekend?

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  1. Why in the heck did one person have so many suitcases...and how lucky for you!!!

  2. Uh...speechless. And so very jealous! Congrats!!

  3. OMG, and I thought I had a good week. I am dying over those suitcases!

  4. I seriously don't think I've ever seen such a great haul from a garage sale!! You hit the motherlode with those suitcases and juggling pins!! Unbelievable. :)

  5. Wowza!
    The juggling pins are gorgeous.
    There has to be a story behind all those suitcases.
    Please tell.

    1. Just a long-time collector downsizing his collection!

  6. You ended up in Garage Sale Heaven !!!
    Those suitcases are to die for - how lucky !
    Visiting from Coastal Charm :)

  7. OMG! You hit the jackpot. Good thing we don't shop in the same neighborhood because we'd be fighting over those suitcases, lol. So jealous!

  8. What a day!!!! Days like that just don't happen too often!!

  9. Shut UP!!!!!!!! Are you kidding?! That is am-az-ing!!!!!! I a drooling with envy! PS - I saw my first yard sale sign the other day and almost screamed with glee!

  10. WOW it definitely was your lucky day! I love those suitcases and the coke cooler and the pyrex and everything you got girl!

    xo Danielle

  11. What an amazing haul!!! Great luggage pieces.

  12. That suitcase haul is almost too much to believe...and now my keyboard is ruined from drooling all over it.
    What a fantastic start to the sale season!

  13. I found one suitcase this weekend. ONE!! And I was seriously excited about that. My question is, why did they have so many pieces? Hoarder? Prop renter? World traveler?

    Love all the other finds too. So happy you had an awesome weekend!


  14. omggggggggggggggggggg what an amazing haul those suitcase make me swoon

  15. First time to your blog, visiting from History and Home party. The globe is amazing, and I am swooning over that huge pile of luggage. That was an amazing find! Most of the garage sales in my area are "baby clothes and crap" too, so it's so fun to have success at one! Loved visiting your blog, have a great week :)

  16. if only it was luggage

  17. WHOOOO HOOOOO Girl!!! love all your goodies! What a haul!

  18. Wow!! What great finds!! Love all those suitcases, the coke cooler is too cool and love the globe and Pyrex!! Enjoy your treasures!! xo Holly

  19. That. Is. BONKERS. I am beyond jealous. I mean, there are SO MANY of them and not only that but they are super-cool -- the colors and shapes are not every day finds. SO happy for you! Hope this bodes well for the rest of your season!

  20. Talk about your lucky day!!!
    Great job! I'm happy for you! We all need a magical find like that now and then!
    Erica :)

  21. That is simply an amazing haul. I haven't found that much great stuff in a year, I don't think. I found one nice suitcase, lol. Congrats on what must have been a thrilling day. Thank you so much for sharing this at History & Home this week! -Dawn @ We Call It

  22. Oh. my. gosh. The photo of you with your suitcases had me grinning!! That is an AMAZING haul!!!

    So, so jealous!

  23. SWEET FANCY MOSES!! The suitcases. I swear I got the vapors when I saw the group photo! UN-BELIEVABLE. I'm so thrilled for you and the greenest of greens with envy over your amazing score! I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to sleep on the floor next to them that first night, so that anytime I wanted to I could just open my eyes and gaze at the sheer glory of them. You should totally do that. :)

    (PS--why on earth did one person own over 2 dozen small suitcases?)

  24. Words fail me - amazing, Melissa!

  25. Amazing! I don't think I've ever seen so many suitcases in one spot. Not even at the airport!

  26. Oh I am swooning! I can't believe you found that many suitcases in one place, much less fitting them all inside your SUV! And the Pyrex! Like I said, I'm swooning!

  27. I am sitting here with my mouth open with the thought of finding that many suitcases at one place. I love love those kind. I use them for storing things in my craft room and can't pass them up if they are a reasonable price. I love all your finds but the suitcases are beyond wonderful. xx Dianne

  28. The best scores ever. Has anyone EVER found that many vintage suitcases on one day at one sale? Great stuff.

  29. I could blog about that garage sale for the rest of my life.

    You are one lucky woman. But I'm going to come stalk those suitcases....

  30. You are the MASTER!!! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! Sorry, had a Wayne's World moment there...
    I keep looking at the pictures thinking, SHUT UP!!! I know I already said it on FB, but that's all I can process when looking at your glorious haul.

  31. Ohmygawd, girl! Let me just say, you're a girl after my own heart! We drive the same car (RAV4), and have similar mad packing skills (to where men are awe!), and I have many of the same treasures you have! I love it! We (me and two of my sisters, Panoply) are in WV, and sell at our local antique mall. I look forward to catching up with your posts! Love, love, love.
    Rita C at Panoply

  32. WHAT?! They must have been world travellers! SCORE! :)


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