Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back to Junkin'

Well, that whole "taking time off" from junking didn't last too long.  After not buying anything for a month, I was back at it this past weekend.  I also love that my new truck holds so much more stuff!  I'm not going to waste any time... let me show you the few things I bought.

Here's the trunk after 2 estate sales.

Forgot to get a trunk shot of these... but here I was cleaning up a 18-drawer parts cabinet and a stack of 6 2-drawer safety stack cabinets.

I dug both these crates and this crock out of a super packed and dirty barn at an estate sale on Saturday.  The mid-century plant stand came from another estate sale.

Here I am cleaning up all 18 of the drawers to the 18-drawer parts cabinet and 3 lanterns that I dug out of the packed, dirty barn.

Here's the parts cabinet all cleaned up and sitting in my booth, waiting for you to buy him.  Speaking of my booth - along with no junking for a month, I also didn't go to my booth for a month.  Well, ignoring it sure did work out!  Sales were phenomenal in June. 

Here's what the 6 piece safety stack parts cabinet looks like.  It comes apart and makes it really easy to move.  I think it would be really cool with a rustic, wood base and legs.

The crock I dug out of the barn, hiding under the table in my booth.  And I just realized how badly I need to clean this table since the last roof leak.  Luckily they have it fixed now.

Here's the plant stand on the table.  I ended up putting a typewriter on it.

One of the wood crates in a new display.

I can't believe I still have some suitcases left from the big ass suitcase haul.

And finally... here were the smalls I picked up this past weekend.  Trying to steer clear of buying too many smalls... I definitely have enough to stock the booth for quite awhile.  But, I was REALLY excited that these 2 vintage Halloween costumes with their boxes were still at the estate sale on the last day.  At half off, they were a steal!  I had to dig hard for what little Christmas I did find.  I was pretty excited to find the big bunch of chandelier crystals!  And also - yay for Pyrex!  I haven't found a friendship in awhile.

Well, that's it!  I am still hosting Thrifty Things Friday this weekend, but will be opening it earlier so that way people can enjoy their 4th of July.

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  1. How could those awesome Halloween costume/boxes still be there on the last day! ???? Those are great!

  2. Love the stuff you found. Yeah for having more room to haul things!! We bought a pickup with a long box this weekend and got rid of the short box. Now more stuff can fit!! Have a great week!

    Hugs, Dianne

  3. Those are awesome cabinets!

  4. Great finds Melissa--love both of the cabinets. Wouldn't mind one of those myself :)

  5. Vintage Halloween is super hard to find around here. Score on those masks!


  6. I love a good estate sale, and you sure hit a couple. Oh, those Halloween masks are wicked! Hard to believe no one had grabbed them, lucky you!

  7. I love those cabinets with all the little drawers! Thank you for sharing this at the History & Home link party. Take care, Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  8. You find some amazing junk! I love those drawers.

  9. Love, love the 18 drawer cabinet! Great finds as usual Melissa. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.


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