Monday, August 25, 2014

Finds from this Weekend

 I attended an auction Saturday.  Nothing terribly exciting to write home about.  If you're following me on Instagram (I FINALLY joined up!) or Facebook, then you've seen most of these pictures.

This piece of advertising from Indianapolis will be perfect for my booth.
I can't seem to keep local advertising in stock.

I bought 8 of these sealed Mail Pouch Tobacco from the 1930s.
I've already sold 2 to Facebook readers.

A lot of you out there in blogland buy paint by numbers.
(I'm looking at you Gina!)
I'm not a fan of this one, but the frame is AMAZING.

 This rewired metal blade fan works perfectly!

 I finally got a...


 I sometimes buy large boxes of metal bits.
This one yielded some fun pieces.
I think a few of these would make excellent jewelry bases.

 I fell in love with these Federal Glass Co. mini beer steins.
They're perfect little toothpick holders.

 Did you ever read Child Craft books as a kid?
These are from the late 40s.

 I don't normally buy snack sets.
But these were 25c each.

 I've always wanted a set of these.

 I picked this train case up earlier in the week last week.
I'll be keeping the pricing stamps and receipt holder.

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  1. Nifty stuff! I especially like that train case. Isn't it fun to find things you've always wanted?

  2. Advertising is always a good seller. Love the train case - another great seller. Can't wait to show you the things I will be bringing Friday to your party. No, I still have not found anything wedding -ly!

  3. Woohoo for the color wheel find! I can't resist train cases. Love the old advertising too, the pouches are great. Sweet finds!

  4. Love all the rusty door plates. There are so many projects you can do with those!


  5. Love that train case, they are so handy to keep supplies in. The snack sets for .25 were a steal!

  6. What awesome finds!! I adore the hardware pieces you picked up. They will definitely make some pretty cool jewelry.


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