Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Town Wide Yard Sale

Hey all!  I hope you had a good holiday week (if you were lucky enough to have one)!  If you are following me on Instagram you've already seen a lot of what I was up to.

My best friend and I got to spend some quality time together Friday.

 We had some tasty big ass margaritas.
And finished them.

We also enjoyed a few beers once we were back at her place.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early.  It was town wide yard sale day!  Can you tell I was excited?  Every Saturday of Labor Day weekend in the small town she lives in has a town-wide yard sale.  The town only has about 1,500 people normally, but swells to nearly 4 times that during this day.  Even though it's a small town it requires a vehicle to get around town.  And not a normal car, because the streets are so packed, it's hard to get around.

Here was my vehicle for getting around town.
This is one of my dad's toys.

Somehow all of this fit in it!

AND this beautiful new side table.
It is the perfect chippy white.
It is sitting in it's new home on my side of the couch.

  Plenty of vintage Christmas came home with me!
As if I needed more winking Santa mugs!

All of these light sets work perfectly!!

 Fired-on color kitchenware was a big theme for the day.

 More vintage kitchen finds.
I was happy to get 2 502 Pyrex fridgie lids.

 I love the McCoy planter!
Plus the Homer Laughlin dinnerware.

 Metal odds and ends.

How about these 2 pitchers from an old refrigerator?
Or these extra large floral frogs?

 Beautiful green depression.
Especially the hand-painted cracker jar.

 More 45 cases to add to my collection.
(Scroll to the bottom of that post to see the collection.)

Finally, some rusty crusty goodness.

Sunday I cleaned and tagged all the goodies that I bought the last couple of weeks.
Monday I brought it all in to the booth.

The "new" booth:

The "old" booth:

 The new autumn display!
I can't believe it's almost here.

Remember how I told you that I had a large order headed to Warner Bros. Studies? Here it is...

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  1. Melissa, your booths look great, the news of your Christmas items going to WB studios is fantastic, and that yard sale looked amazing! Cheers, indeed!

  2. WOW what a fun weekend you must of have. You really made a nice haul for your booth which looks remarkable! Nice ride!

    Cathy <;)

  3. Wow you found a lot of goodies. It's all stuff I would have bought, too. That is so exciting about your Warner Brothers Studios order! I can't wait to see them on TV.

  4. I am seriously in love with the table - so perfect. I cannot believe this all fit into the Gator or whatever y'all call those vehicles. I certainly hope the vintage balls will not be destroyed in some way. I had a nightmare of a giant Christmas ball fight in the movie!

  5. Wow! A weekend with a good friend AND a town wide yard sale. Sounds like you had a pretty perfect weekend, not to mention all the goodies you found. Very cool!

  6. Every time I see a margarita I think of how awesome it looks. Tequila and I? Yah, we aren't friends. I better stick to vodka.


  7. You scored some outstanding goodies and they all look great in your booth. Love your fall display...can't beat Pyrex!!!

  8. I LOVE townwide sales! Looks like a fn time and my favorite was definitely the green depression glass :)


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