Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thrifty Things Friday #18

TTF @ Melissa's Antiques

Welcome to the next installment of Thrifty Things Friday!

I've recently joined the Instagram world!  Jump on this bandwagon if you haven't already!  I would've been on sooner, but I have a Windows phone and they only recently perfected the app to where it was more usable.
The feature from last week is... 

Feel free to use this button on your blog if you've been featured.
So, let's get on to the party!  Let me kindly remind you of the guidelines...

  1. only submit "thrifty" finds/DIYs/furniture redos/recipes posts/articles.  Do not submit a "for sale" post - this is not a link up to sell items.  Do not submit a link to your homepage.  Submit a direct link  (permalink) to the post/article.  Only link up to 3 posts/articles.
  2. link back to the Melissa's Antiques home page or directly to this week's TTF link-up.  Feel free to grab the button above! Tell your readers where you party at!  Encourage them to join!
  3. follow my blog.  You can do that several ways: Google Reader, by email, Bloglovin', or any other platform.  I also have a Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I like to show different content than what's on my blog on these 3 platforms.
  4. go to the source of the photo to pin it to Pinterest, so that way the original author gets the credit.
  5. note that by linking your post, you give me (Melissa's Antiques) permission to share your pictures or content on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media platforms.
  6. try to visit others who link-up to this post.  I will try to get to everyone's posts by the time for the next TTF.
  7. I'd really love to see more thrifty/vintage wedding stuff.  Link up as much wedding stuff as you'd like!
If you do not follow these guidelines you will not be featured next week and/or your post may be deleted.


  1. Thank you for the party and have a super weekend!

  2. WOW! Have you checked out Betsy trip to the Alameda Market? Thanks for hosting and letting us drag our junk over here every week.

  3. Hi Melissa, I do instagram with family and friends, but have been thinking of doing it for Have a Daily Cup. Guess I need to jump on! Loved your Pyrex finds! Happy to be joining the party this week.

  4. Thanks for the feature!! I am really enjoying seeing everyone's thrifts and finds from all over the country!


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