Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Wedding Venue

Hey all, on Sunday I went to view a place where I was hoping would work for my upcoming wedding.  Well, as it turns out, it felt PERFECT.  So, I booked my date.  I wanted to share the perfection with you.  I also want you guys to be able to share your ideas with me.

This barn was going to be torn down, but it was rescued, transferred to the fairgrounds, and restored.
It was just finished this summer.

Front view.

Looking in the open doors towards the back door.

View from the right side from the front door.  
We will have a live band (friends of mine) set up on the left and an open bar on the right.

Aren't these chandeliers cool?

The hay loft.  I have big ideas for up here.

View of the left side from the front door.  Food will be set up on the right.  
A few tables for people to sit down will be set up on the left.

View of the same side but from the back door.

Look at the beautiful ceilings!

View of the backside of the barn.  
We will have a large white tent with sides set up right against the barn.  
This is where we will set up all the tables for people to sit at and have their dinner.

This is one side of the barn.  
We are planning to have the ceremony here with the barn as the backdrop.

Oh, remember my idea for my wedding bouquet?  Well, it's coming along.  More happy mail!

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

That's all for now! Have a good week!


  1. Love your venue. Its gonna look awesome

  2. It's an awesome venue, Melissa. Btw, I checked all my jewelry - sorry, no enamel brooches, just a couple pr earrings (clip).

  3. Fantastic venue! Oh you will have so much fun with your theme there. Love your brooches that you've collected so far. I've been looking today and yesterday as I junked but no brooches so far.

  4. Love the venue. I think it is perfect! I love the pins you have received so far. I have got to get mine out and sort them. I will soon, promise! That barn is awesome and I love the ceilings and everything about it.

  5. Wonderful venue - I can just imagine using the barn as a backdrop for the ceremony. You will have to set up a photo booth with people toasting the two of you with vintage glassware. I hope you saved some of those theater letters for your wedding.

  6. Your venue is gorgeous. What a perfect spot for a wedding! Oh no, I recently gave away about 5 of my flower pins to a local charity shop. Ill be checking my stash for you. :)

  7. It's an incredible place! I love it. The wedding is going to be gorgeous! Jo

  8. That place looks so charming and so YOU! Best wishes to you!

  9. Perfect choice! It has so much charm even without being decorated. You're going to have so much fun with all the planning. Thanks for sharing at VIP.

  10. Looks terrific--my step-nephew and his wife had their reception in a barn--it was wonderful. The bridesmaids wore cowboy boots, there was a fun candy bar, and awesome music. Your's will be great!

  11. The barn is perfect Melissa! My nephews wedding was in a barn last May and it was darling. I know that you will have everything perfect! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Hope the day was celebrated well. Heard of various perfect New York wedding venues and booked one for my parents anniversary last month. Felt really happy after enjoying their ceremony with all loved ones. Chocolate and truffle cakes were praised by all. Continental and Italian cuisines were chosen by my brother.


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