Thursday, October 9, 2014

This Past Weekends Finds

I had a really busy week, so I'm just getting around to posting my finds.  I usually do it on Monday.  Mom and I attended a very large farm auction last Saturday.  It was pretty darn cold outside all day.  I wore 5 layers: tank top, tshirt, flannel shirt, fleece jacket, and a thick lined wind breaker.  AND it started spitting rain in the middle of the auction.  BUT, we stayed until the very end.  We're diehards like that.  I also viewed an estate on Sunday and was able to buy a few things before they held the estate sale.

The Pyrex primary set + extra blue 401 and the almost complete Pyrex primary fridge set came from the estate on Sunday.  I didn't want to lowball on any of their prices, so after they've had their sale, I have been invited to buy out the remainder of the estate that I'd like.  The rest came from the cold Saturday auction.

So, I have the original box that these Blendo West Virgina glasses were mailed the person in.  Apparently you could buy them by saving up S&H green stamps.  Do you think it makes it more valuable?  I love when I find cocktail shakers with the original lid!  This was all from the auction.

McCoy & Shawnee planters (except for the teeny tiny one - but it still has it's original sticker).  These are all ones I didn't have and will go into my collection except for 2 duplicates.  The aqua blue one all the way on the left and the green one sitting atop the aqua blue one in the center.

Odds and ends.  I definitely needed more glass lids for my Ball jars without them.


2 large lard tins and a potato chip tin without the lid.  I think the potato chip tin would make a cool trash can.

 Some chalkware including: a cute lamb, a grandma and grandpa "social security" banks," and an Americana piece.  I think the orange/silver swirl (with black insides) Shawnee planter is perfect for Halloween.  Plus some silver s&p shakers.  The single is from the World's Fair in Chicago.

Lots of little animal figurines.
The dalmatian on the far right has already been sold.

All of my Christmas finds here.
The 2 purses (1 beaded, 1 rhinestone) were in their original Merry Christmas gift box from Marshall Fields.  The purses still have their original price tags intact.  They've never been used.

These 2 photo albums are really cool.  I am guessing they are from the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Too bad there wasn't any pictures in them.  Then... this lampshade.  It has damage on the small shade on the backside, but displays well on the front... so I couldn't leave it behind on the pile that was doomed for the dump.

I love that this shoe form came with 3 sizes of shoes that you can put on it.

You can never have too many crates.

And I bought all of these signs.

Some are cardboard (but still cool!).
I really like the rope one.  It would be perfect for Halloween.

The others are painted on a thin wood.
The Carlton Sinks one screams midcentury.
I think it would be perfect in an aqua blue kitchen.

So this weekend I'm headed to the annual Covered Bridge Festival.  We like to drive almost all the way there and hit all the garage sales along the way.  There are plenty of sales along that 40 mile drive.  I wrote about my covered bridge experience from 2011 HERE and HERE.  I was a vendor during the 2012 season and you can read about that HERE. You can read about my 2013 experience HERE.


  1. Great haul, Melissa! I wish the extra Pyrex bowl you bought was a red 402.... I need it to complete my primary colors set. I love all the crates and tins. You scored!

  2. Love all your finds. Great Pyrex, crates and I especially love the pottery!

  3. wow, nice finds! Great colors in the pyrex and pottery. Love the signs, too.

  4. Major haul for you this week! Looking forward to cooler weather, but auctions in the cold are no fun. Good for you, sticking it out. Love all the vintage planters and those old tins & signs too.

  5. You got so many lovely things! All of the blue and green items are so pretty! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  6. I'm waiting for the post about the grand opening of "Melissa's Vintage Warehouse." ;-) What a haul!

  7. Wow, you really scored. Lucky you to be able to go back to the estate sale and buy what didn't sell. Love it all, but all of those signs are my favorites. Thanks for sharing everything at VIParty.

  8. What a great haul! I see some things I would definitely buy from you! Love that rope sign and those planters look so cool all stacked together like that.

  9. Covered Bridge Festival - that sounds so charming! I think your area must be a junkin' mecca, you find such great things. I featured this on my link party features Pinterest board, thanks for sharing at History & Home - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  10. Wonderful finds, Melissa - the festival sounds like it wil be awesome! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. Melissa, I always love seeing your haul! The blue and green grouping is stunning! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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