Monday, November 10, 2014

The Holidays Have Officially Arrived at My Booths!

Hey all!  Yet another weekend where I didn't buy anything.  However I had plenty to take to my booths, since the holidays are upon us!  I didn't move a whole bunch around that was already there, but I added quite a bit!  Here's a peek at what it looked like before I spent 4 1/2 hours there on Friday afternoon.

The New Booth:

Can you spy any vintage Christmas?

 I need a sale with tons of 45s.
I can barely keep them in stock.

I spy a vintage chenille wrapped Christmas wreath.

A little bit of Lefton holly berry pattern.
Perfect for Christmas.
And added a bag of Jewelbrite ornaments.

Other bits of vintage Christmas.

And some more.

I even hung some bottle brush wreaths on the wall.

Added a bag of vintage Japan santas.

I filled a huge enamel basin with baggies of little vintage Christmas bits.

The Old Booth:

How do you like my new Christmas color themed display?
I surprising don't have a ton of red things in my booth.

 I changed up the postcard display from general postcards.
Now the 3 upcoming holidays are up there.

 I try to use up every little space in my booth.
Even this small space in between the beam.
I wish I had a little shelving unit that fit in here.

 A whole shelving unit full of Christmas.

 And a table full too!

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  1. Melissa, you've got a great amount of Christmas stuff (of course you do, it's what you love collecting!), and it looks really good. Love how you have the red/green display. We have one dlr in our mall who does an entire display of Fiesta (incl tree with creamers) in green & red each year. We have had trouble with sticky fingers in the past, but I love the bowl with grab bag vintage stuff for sale.
    I hope your acctg test went well. It's hard to give almost 5 hrs to the booth when you have so much else going on, I know, but I'm sure it'll pay off. Happy holidays!

  2. How fun it is to re stock a booth... and with vintage Christmas goodies! Ahhhhhh! I am starting to miss mine now! :) Thanks so much for sharing with my "Let's Talk Vintage" linky party!

  3. How fun to restock a booth.... especially when you have tons of vintage Christmas goodies! I am starting to miss my old booth now! :)
    Thank you for taking part in my "let's talk vintage" link party!

  4. You did all that in four hours!?! I have started sprinkling in a few new Christmas items, but generally I leave seasonals out all year. Do your booths stay that neat all the time? I am jealous.

  5. Your booth looks really neat. Can't believe all those antique Christmas ornaments, sure remember
    those as a kid........Where are you located??
    Also remember a lot of your wares, guess that would make me an antique too!! lol
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. I couldn't wait to look at your post and feel like I was walking through your booth. I need a buggy though! I love vintage Christmas goodies! Hugs, Diane

  7. I wish your booth was close by, I would definitely enjoy browsing around...Christine

  8. You have a TON of goodies there! So much to look at and choose from and that's the fun of going vintage shopping! Love all the pretty ornaments also!

  9. Your booth is looking so colorful and festive! You do a really good job with merchandising. Love the post card display too. Thanks Melissa for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. I just love old Christmas decorations! Especially glass ornaments!

  11. Great looking booth! I love your postcard display and the box full of vintage ornaments. So fun :) Thanks so much for sharing the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  12. Your booth looks fabulous Melissa! I love the soda crates full of ornaments. And of course the red and white canisters and the blow mold Santa. Because I have ones just like them. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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