Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Few Buys + A Little Change

Mom and I attended a small auction on Saturday morning.  It was over fairly quickly, so we decided to take everything I just bought up to the booths.  I didn't buy a whole lot, but I got 2 great pieces of furniture.  One I want to keep, but have no room for it until I buy a larger home.  So for now it will stay housed at the booth holding some of my wares.  We tried to squeeze the pieces in several different ways, but they just didn't quite work.

Here's the piece I want to keep.  The light green chippy paint is absolute perfection.  We tried it in several spots, but it only fit here.  We took out another, non-vintage piece and changed up this part of my old booth a little bit. 


Here's what the spot looked like prior to rearranging.

The other new piece.  I think it would be the perfect TV stand.  I took out the table that was here and moved a few things around to try and make this space work.  I didn't want anything took tall here, because then you couldn't see the stuff on the back wall.

Here's what this space looked like prior to rearranging.

Now onto the other buys from the auction...

This awesome lantern.

The blue/red lantern on the left.

This one, too.

All of these sewing machine drawers plus 10 more... for a total of 23!  I love buying in bulk.

Finally, these 3 grain sacks.  They're in excellent condition.  They would make great pillow covers!

Mom and I both had the day off work yesterday too and  we went to an antique mall and flea market.  I brought home a few things...

Unless I find a prettier one (or one of you out there in blogland has one) I will be using the above vintage wedding cake topper.  The find I was most excited about, however, were the 4 Hazel Atlas pink elephant (shot?) glasses.  I also kinda love the mini pink JAJ Pyrex bowl.

Everyone have a great week!

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  1. I want to go to your auctions! You found some great stuff. The auctions here are usually pretty spendy. I think your booth looks so inviting. I wish it was closer!

  2. shot glasses, jelly glasses... whatever. I love buying in bulk too, your sewing drawers were awesome. sharon

  3. How lucky you were to find so many old sewing machines drawers; I love them and they're always good sellers. Those glasses are a great find and your cake topper is adorable. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  4. I wish we had auctions like that! You should have taken a pic with the stack of sewing drawers to look like last year's luggage stack. I could not part with that cabinet. Yes, I hide treasures for me in my booth too.

  5. I like that wedding topper! I want the grain sacks & the sewing machine drawers. You do find the best vintage.

  6. I've never been to an auction, you find some great stuff! I think they'd be quite different though here in Toronto. Lots of competition (heck, a Butterfly Gold 403 was $35 in a shop!!), the hipsters got more $$ than I do & from the auction listings... stuff with vintage is few & far between.

  7. Melissa, I love that first furniture piece! You really found some great lanterns. I have a collection and love them! I am drooling over the syrup dispenser with the aqua lid. I have a red, green, and yellow one. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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