Thursday, February 5, 2015

Truth Time

Warning: the following post may contain graphic images not suitable for those of you who consider yourself clean freaks, neat freaks, OCD, etc...

Although Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter and it has been snowing here off an on for the past several days, I'm starting to get twinges of spring cleaning mode hitting me. This winter wasn't quite as brutal as last winter, where we had the coldest and snowiest winter on record, but it seems to have hit me harder.

So, most of you fellow vintage sellers and crafters out there have a space in your house, garage, etc where you store your vintage goods or create something out of nothing.  I have one of those rooms too, that I so lovingly have just called "my office."

I'm warning you again... this is not for the faint of heart...

Looking in the french doors into "my office."

At first glance it doesn't look that bad.

Then you see the stacks in the closet.

I can't even reach these shelves.

And the path to walk in the room is fairly small.

No room on the desk = printer on the floor.
On a side note: I bought this printer in 2005 during my 1st semester in college.  Nearly 10 years later it still works great and the ink for it is MEGA cheap on Amazon.

I always forget about this trash can during trash day.  So the trash kinda piles up, because I've been saying "I'll take it out next time."  It's really just the excess paper from where I cut out shipping labels and empty tape rolls, since I do most of my packing in here.

There's a desk under there somewhere... Also, I'm fairly certain I have 2 chairs up to the desk so that I can store more stuff on a chair. 

More junk unnecessarily stuffed in this corner like my giant Coca Cola Santa, halloween blow molds, and probably other holidays I'm forgetting about.

My poor neglected plants.  All I can say is dead plant in the clay pot needs to go.

This is where I take photos for my etsy shop.  It's no wonder I haven't taken an etsy shop photo in months.  Also, I'm pretty well over shipping anything that requires extra attention and bubble wrap.  I've been selling a lot of light stuff mostly on IG and Facebook.

3 totes of vintage Christmas ornaments + 3 boxes of Christmas ornaments + the random Coca Cola crates still full of ornaments that I brought home from my booth in the beginning of January.

Warning: you are about to step into the garage.  Not as bad, still needs work.

That is my truck you see at the bottom right of this picture, which means I can park in my garage.  However, the rest of the junk to the left means "How did I accumulate all this crap?"  As you can see, I did attempt to organize it on a shelf.

 And again on this side, with a bunch of random junk thrown down there too.

... at least it's organized in boxes?

I have quite a few projects out here, like fixing up these sewing machine drawers.

I don't even remember if the labels on these boxes are even correct.  I know the Halloween one is definitely old tablecloths...  The rest... I have no idea.  I haven't looked in them since I did the Woodruff Place Flea Market last June.

So, there's the big ol' ugly truth.  Why did I show this?  I'm gonna document my cleaning and organization process to keep myself motivated and to get more stuff out of my house and into my booth.  Plus, the exciting news - I'm prepping my house to go on the market in March!

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  1. This room look so much like mine! I'm in the process of trying to clean and organize so I can use this space that also doubles as a guest room! No Garage (oh I wish!!). You can do it!

  2. I want to come dig with you - I see lots of treasures! Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your stash of treasures. Yes, treasures! I think you should just play store for one day right there in your house. You'd sell a ton of stuff. Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  4. Oh yea, I know the feeling....worked on mine - the basement - last summer. It feels so damn good when you get started, and it feels even better when you can call it finished...for now...whenever now will be defined. Best of luck on getting ready for listing. When I looked at your stack of boxes, it reminded me of when I used to look for something I knew I had and wanted to take to the booth. I would unstack every box, look through, stack them back went on for years like that.

  5. Whoa, you have your work cut out for you, March is almost here. Maybe you can rent a temporary storage and just move it out for now. Aren't you getting married and planning a wedding? Lots on your plate Melissa! Get those tablecloths out, the yellow flowered one caught my eye. ;)

    Our storage room looked worse a few months ago, hubby plowed through it and we had a November yard sale, but I ztill have lots to sell. Such is life!

  6. Uh, I don't know what to say :) But how come your garage looks exactly like my basement! Man, I need to get myself organized too! Congrats on listing the house. Maybe a vintage lover will buy it and want ALL of your stuff!

  7. I am hoping that once the work and painting is done in my new home, I can finish unpacking and get organized! Organization is so hard!!

  8. It looks like you missed the Heap of Change Challenge on Funky Junk Interiors at the beginning of January. I started then and am still working on my studio...a bit at a time. I know you will tame the beast that seems to have taken over. Best wishes!

  9. My goodness, I have found my Horror Monster's long-lost brother. You can keep him - it looks like he has settled in nicely. Just keep telling yourself there IS a house under there somewhere!

  10. lol! Tel it like it is Melissa. I'm sure that people who sell do have stuff stored up like that. At least it's contained in a room. And if it gets really bad you can always close the door. He-he! I have a small box of stuff in the garage that I have plans to photo for my etsy, but then now and then I think I'll just close it. Don't really love the shipping part and I usually want to keep most of what I buy. Yup, telling it like it is! If I don't slow down, I'll be running out of room and our home is way bigger than the two of us need. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. I need to do this in my eBay room. Its just sad up there and my walkway is even smaller than yours!


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