Monday, April 27, 2015

Garage Sale Haul + One Special Auction Buy

There wasn't much going on sale-wise on Saturday, due to the weather forecast.  It was a tad cold and misting all morning which turned into heavy rain by midday.  The auction I planned to attend was postponed to another day.

Even though the weather was a bit dreary, I was able to hit some sales on my way up to auction I never planned to attend... but they had one very special item that I had to have.

At the first stop I picked up this large metal American Chain Center sign.  The graphics are fun.

 One of my stops yielded lots of great old books.  My stock of fiction was running low.  I had replenished my text book and non-fiction a little over a month ago.

Although this set is non-fiction, they're intended for children.  I love having some things in my booth for the kiddos.

At one stop, I bought all of the vintage items the woman had in her garage sale (pictured above). 

As I was paying she asked if I liked old stuff and what I liked.  I told her I like vintage Christmas and kitchen.  I'm so glad I told her because I got all of this.

 I also got all of these vintage kitchen tools.

  At the same stop as the Christmas and kitchen tools I also got the postal scale.  The fenton hobnail vase, old ketchup bottle, Green Bay Packers mug, and Lefton Miss Dainty shaker came from a free pile at one sale.

The 444 Pyrex Balloons bowl was the one item I stopped at an auction for.  I got it for a steal.  I don't think I'll be letting it go anytime soon.  Why am I started to keep pieces that I had no problem selling before?  I don't even collect turquoise!

These items will be for my wedding.  This crock water jug will hold iced tea or lemonade.  I'm also dead set on serving everyone's dinner on vintage floral china, like these.  I've got about 10 so far.  I need 100.  I'd also like smaller plates/saucers to serve dessert/rolls on, as well.  That would mean I'd need about 200 of those.  Saucers are a lot easier to come by than dinner plates. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and Flea Markets - OH MY!

 Saturday I left around 7:30 in the morning to start hitting garage sales.  I generally only hit ones that list antique, vintage, or collectible items, since there are hundreds upon hundreds every weekend in Indianapolis and the suburbs.  However, even those words, I'm finding, are being overused and taken as an excuse to overprice their junk.  

Unfortunately, with the first 2 garage sales I hit - that was exactly the case.  I talked some sense into the first seller.  The second seller told me was an " experienced antiques dealer" and was getting rid of her booth because she didn't sell much.  Hmm, I wonder why?  Her prices were insane.  She didn't change them for her "garage sale" either.  I did manage to pick a few things that were reasonably priced.

 The third sale I hit was the last day of an estate sale.  I picked up a few things for 25 cents each.  The house was nearly empty.  My guess is because the prices were great.  I really wish I'd hit that sale on Friday before I headed south to spend the day with my niece and nephew.

I hit a couple of flea markets next and picked up a few things.  One of them I frequent at least once a month.  I was really happy to see that they had gotten some nicer vendors.  It was a lot let laundry detergent and tube socks and a lot more antiques and vintage.  Plus, the prices are always reasonable.

 Then, I hit an estate sale that STARTED AT NOON (!!) for a man who had been a dealer for the last 20something years.  His son and daughter-in-law were selling off the remainder of his stock.  Everything was half price of what was on the tags.  Most of the tags had been priced 10-15 years ago, so half price was a great deal for the items I was able to snag.  The place was packed and I was there right at noon.  Finally, I ate lunch, then went off to the last flea market of the day.

Some mantiques for my booth.  Can't seem to keep these little oilers in stock.

My Magpie Ethel-inspired buy of the day is this pink and blue Undie Washer.  Looks like Erica has picked one up too.  Plus you can see a close up of the sanitary cabinet I picked up from one of the last flea market I went to on Saturday.  It was my favorite find of the day, I got a great deal on it, and I will definitely be keeping it!  I really want to use it in my bathroom to hold towels, TP and other little nick-nacks, but both my bathrooms are tiny and it doesn't really work!

 Such a cute chalkware piece.  This tin full of buttons was a great deal.  Lot of neat ones plus many on their cards still.  I also got this box of about 50 vintage greeting cards.  I can never pass up vintage greeting cards.  I have SO. MANY.

 I got this spring blossom pyrex bowl for 50 cents!  I never find them this cheap anymore.  The casserole wasn't that cheap, but was still a great deal.

Lot of little dimestore and made in Japan ceramic pieces.

Momma cat and her 3 little babies.  The babies are probably each the size of a dime.  The 2 little puppies are marked Japan.

These 3 little guys are about the size of a quarter.

These 4 are super tiny, too - about the size of a dime!

This wraps up MY finds from Saturday, but wait until you see what mom bought me.  Pardon the pictures, because they're ones mom took with her cell phone to show me what she bought.  I'm proud that she can even send picture messages.  She used to call me to try and describe the things to me to see if I wanted them.  It was interesting when she was describing Pyrex Patterns... ie: she would say "the ugly mushroom one" or I remember once she said "it has a bunch of blue dots and its only 25 cents."

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on
A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

Yep, that's right, Pyrex bowls for 50 cents each (even though they're not a popular patter).  AND 4 1960s Barbie dolls with accessories in their cases... AND they were a great deal.  I have a few from an auction I attended the first day of November last year.  Mom did good, yet again.

These finds aren't nearly as exciting, but they're from a flea market that I stopped at on my way to visit my niece and nephew on Friday.

Jadeite and Pyrex at a great price!

2 chalkware piggie banks - aren't they cute?!  A plastic Baby Bank.

AND - these vintage flash cards.  They're a story all by themselves.  There was a "HUGE BARN SALE" advertised about 15 minutes from my niece and nephew live.  The ad sounded like a huge stock of vintage and antique goodness.  I had to go, right?  Well, I drove 5 miles down a narrow, half washed out gravel road to come to this barn.  There was one other person there, besides the owner, so I didn't feel too weird about getting out to look.  I walked through this barn of junk, only to find these flash cards.  It turns out that the owner buys out what's left of estates after estate sale companies sell everything they can.  So, what's left?  The junk that no one wants.

I also got these 2 Dietz lanterns for a great price.  They'll be heading to the booth.  Another mantique item that I can't seem to keep in stock.  I have bought a super rusty one with no globe and it still sold pretty fast.

Well, that's it for this weekend.  Not too bad.  Still hoping for another mega suitcase haul.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Trial Run: Painted Counter Tops

Guys, Saturday, my usual junk-finding day, was really depressing.  I drove an hour north to an awesome-looking farm auction.  I stayed for 30 minutes.  The prices were outrageous.  I knew I wouldn't be able to buy anything, so I headed back south and stopped by another auction that was going on.  I bid on a few things in the 15 minutes I was there, but won nothing.  They had already sold the pieces I had really wanted, even though those pieces were advertised as selling "after 12PM"  I left before noon even struck.

I had packed some items to take to my booth, so I stopped by there.  I had sold A LOT since the last time I was there over 2 weeks ago.  Lots of empty places.  Bad news: I didn't really bring in enough stuff to fill those spaces, since the junk buying has been fairly sparse lately.  So I spent 30 minutes bringing and and rearranging my stuff.  At that point, I couldn't take it any longer.  I had started the day with a mild headache, which was now a full-blown migraine.  The 30 minute drive home was a nightmare.  Even with my sunglasses, the bright sun-shiney day was making the migraine worse and worse.  I had the AC blasting to battle the waves of nausea.  

When I got home, I went right to bed for a 3 hour nap.  When I woke, the headache was still there, but it was thankfully no longer a migraine.  The fiancee and I went out for a quick dinner and we were back within 90 minutes.  Within 30 minutes of being home, my headache was turning into migraine quality again, even though I had downed several migraine-strength tylenols and a claritin.  I knew this back and forth weather was the cause of my migraine.  Damn allergy season.  I was back in bed by 8PM. The whole day was a loss.

Sunday I woke up refreshed and feeling much better.  It was time to tackle a project that I have had to put off, since the temperature needed to consistently stay above 60F, so the paint could cure properly.

Guys, I have THE UGLIEST builder-grade, early 90s, country blue laminate counter tops.  I have had my house for nearly 6 years and never did anything with them.  There were too many other things that I wanted to fix in that house before I replaced counter tops.  Fast forward to now... I am ready to put my house on the market, so that me and the fiancee can move into a bigger home.  My tiny, 1000 square foot house just isn't cutting it for us.  It was perfect for me when I was 22 and single (when I bought it).

Ok, so I am NOT being paid or anything to review any products, I'm just going to give you my honest opinion on the whole process.  Plus a few warnings.  So here goes...

 Supplies needed:
  1. - A HIGH QUALITY primer/sealer
  2. - Rustoleum Counter Top COATING
  3. - Painter's tape
  4. - Paint trays
  5. - Stir sticks
  6. - Paint brush *see below, I recommend not using an expensive bristle one, but a foam one instead.
  7. - 150 grit sand paper
  8. - Stir sticks
  9. - Roller
  10. - FOAM rollers
  11. - Sander

- AND... painting clothes.
These sweat pants have seen many projects... like the ugly brown metal cabinet that I painted aqua and the midcentury shelving unit I painted yellow.

Here's a piece of laminate counter top that my dad donated to my trial run.  My parents switched out their laminate counter tops many years ago for some lovely granite ones.  Dad saved the old counter top for some reason, so he cut me off a piece.

First sand the entire counter top with fine (150 grit) sand paper.  I used an electric sander to make this go faster.  I made sure to go over the whole counter top several times.  This step is REALLY important, because otherwise your primer will have a more difficult time sticking, even if you buy the highest quality primer and it says it will adhere to any surface.

After you sand, take a damp cloth and wipe the whole surface down.  For a larger counter top area, you may want to use a vacuum first.  I wiped with a second damn clean cloth, to make sure I had gotten it all.

This was the highest quality primer that Lowes had to offer.  It says that no sanding is required and it has superior adhesion to almost any surface.  DON'T listen to them - they don't know what they're talking about.  Sand your surface first.  Trust me, I saw A LOT of painted counter top fails online while I was browsing for the best method to do this.

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST use a foam roller.  It is going to give you the smoothest finish.  Any other kind and your counter tops are going to turn our really funky.  Also, you will get those little "roller hairs" in your paint, which are no fun to pick out.

This is what the piece looks like after one coat of primer.

 I let that dry for 30 minutes and applied a second coat.

*WHAT I WOULD DO DIFFERENTLY IF THIS WAS MY ACTUAL COUNTER TOP: I would let each coat dry completely and I would sand with find grit sand paper, etc before applying the next coat.  There were a few little bumpy bits that I would like smoothed out before continuing on.

Don't forget the edges! I let this coat dry for several hours.  I would recommend sanding with fine grit sand paper, etc. again to make sure all imperfections are out.

 Here's what the Rustoleum counter top coating looks like.

And here are the VERY limited color options.  I was NOT happy about this.  I assumed you could choose any color you wanted, like paint.  I went with Ivory, because the guy who mixed it for me said if I didn't like Ivory I could basically go to any of the colors below it.  Another thing I didn't like was the fact that they didn't have samples anywhere where I could see the actual finished product.  If I could've seen the finished product, I probably would've gone with Cobblestone, since it matches my kitchen more.

 It only took one coat of the counter top coating to cover.

WARNING: THIS WILL NOT WASH OF ANY SURFACE WITH JUST SOAP AND WATER LIKE NORMAL PAINT.  Guys, I spilled this stuff in my garage and all over my hands.  WEAR GLOVES!  I usually ALWAYS wear gloves when painting, but I was too excited to start using this stuff.  I ended up having to use acetone to get it off my hands.

Here's an up close shot of the finish.  See the little bumps I should've sanded out?  The foam roller gave it a little bit of "texture," which I actually really like.  If it was completely smooth, I think it would look kind of weird.  EVEN THOUGH, this stuff is supposedly "self-leveling."  I didn't use a paint brush, since I was just trialing it.  But after the absolutely mess it was afterwards, I ended up throwing the roller I used away.  I didn't have any paint thinner to clean it with.  So, I WILL NOT be using my $15 edging paint brush, but instead will probably opt for cheap foam ones, since they will mimic the foam roller texture.

This is supposed to take awhile to cure.  So, I'm going to give it a few days before I try the scratch test on it.

So far I like it.  It's a MUCH easier version than most DIYs I've seen (that actually hold up and look good).  They call for pouring acrylic and having to use a blow torch to get bubbles out.  As much fun as playing with fire sounds, I think I'll pass for now.

This is the last project on my list before I put my house on the market!

Tune in next week for more on this project and HOPEFULLY more junkin' finds!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

First Flea Market + Estate Auction

There were slim pickins in auction, estate and garage sale land this weekend.  The weather wasn't terrible.  Think it mostly had to do with the holiday that was yesterday.  Happy Easter to all of you! -- I was traveling all day, so I'm a little late with the holiday wishes.  Anyways, I did get to go to the first flea market of the year and an estate sale auction that I only found out about by word of mouth from other junker friends.  For some reason it was very last minute and didn't get listed on auctionzip or anything.  I'm very lucky to have junker friends who look out for me.  Well, being that it was about the only sale going on, the big buyers came out to buy, so I didn't get to buy several items I had my eye on.  There was one particular buyer who only see around from time to time (because he generally sticks to buying from only a few auction houses) that literally was bidding on ONLY the things I was bidding on.  Just when I think I won something, he'd outbid me.  It started to anger me so much, that I started to bid on many things that I didn't want.  He got stuck with all of it too... which makes me think that he was trying to prove something.  Who knows.  Enough of the story... here's my buys from Saturday.  Wish I had come home with more, but I wasn't about to overpay just to prove a point.  I'll leave that to the other guy.

It was a good day for Pyrex.  Luckily they sold it all before that dude showed up, so I got all of it for an extremely reasonable price.  I was pretty happy to get an extra casserole lid on top of the Early American bowl.

I'm pretty sure I have an extra primary blue 401 sitting around somewhere.  If not, they're pretty easy to come by.  I have like 4 DWD (dishwasher damaged) ones that the fiancee uses for cereal, soup, and of course, ice cream.  I've never bought a Hazel Atlas dots bowl before.  This one had lots of silver scratches on the yellow dots.  I'm going to try BKF to see if I can fix it.  If not, it still displays nicely.  You can't see the scratches unless you hold it up to your face.  Plus the price was right - $1.  I only got the bottom to the butterprint 502 fridgie at the auction.  I was happy I had a spare lid at home.  Jadeite is getting harder and harder to find.  These 2 pieces went for a song, since there's a hairline crack in the small swirl bowl.  It still displays fine, so someone may want it as a placeholder in their collection.  I have had no problems selling chipped or cracked jadeite in the past.

Lots of red.  Just what everyone needs for a summer camp out.  Aladdin thermoses, a Dietz lantern, and a tub of lard.  ;)

I've bought this West Bend canister set before, but I've never bought the matching salt and pepper shakers.

 Mantiques!  These were all purchased at the flea market from a good ol' junker Randy (that's what he calls himself) that I see at the auctions from time to time.  He usually buys up all the scrap and the boxes of stuff no one wants.  Its amazing what he digs out and brings to the flea market.  The ammo case was for one of my brothers.  Got it for about 1/3 of what they normally go for.  The 2 oilers have already been sold to one of my lovely followers on Instagram.  As soon as I posted the picture, she inquired about buying, and I was happy to sell them to her.  That goes for the rest of you too!  If you ever see anything you'd like - shoot me an email (envelope button off to the right) to inquire about a piece and I'll let you know if it's for sale and if it's still available.

 Randy's wife had these large matching green depression drawer pulls.  I was happy to buy them from her.

Finally, I got these yardsticks at the auction for a song.  There's only 2 fairly old ones in here.  I can't decide if I want to save these for the gazillion yardstick projects I've pinned on Pinterest or if I want to go ahead and sell them, so that someone else can use them for a project (or whatever!).  I'd love to make 2 barnwood nightstands and use these as the top.  I've gotta convince my dad to help me build them, though.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Last Friday's Auction Haul

So, I actually went to an auction last Friday. It was not as worth my time as I thought it was going to be, but good junk has been fairly hard to come by lately, even though the weather is starting to warm up. Warm weather generally signals better junk is on it's way! I've been fairly swamped, so I haven't had time to snap a few pics of the stuff I purchased, but after cutting my run short last night due to rain, I was able to. So... here we go!

My obligatory trunk shot.  It's mostly empty boxes.  Do I need to do a junk dance or something to make the junk fruitful?

Got these 2 vintage megaphones that came from a local high school.  I sold one before I even left the auction!

Here's the one that's left in my fireplace decor.

 Currier and Ives Feast of Roses + instant relatives in a nice old frame.  I've found several of the C&I prints for sale online and this one seems to go in the $200-$300 range depending on condition.  Guys, I paid ONE DOLLAR for this print.  I'm not much of an art person, but if I can find a buyer, I'm pretty happy with my $1 investment.

2 more Currier and Ives prints.  The one on the left is Little Manly.  In good condition he seems to go for $100-200.  Mine has a crease down the center, so probably in the $50-$100 range.  The one on the right is My Love and I.  I've only been able to find one other on ebay for $400 and mine is in better condition.  Guys, I paid $5 for each of these prints. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in these prints, please send me an email (envelope button off to the right side of the page).  Or, if you know more about these prints than I do, please send me an email.  I'm obviously not an expert.

Several 7up crates to add to the booth, since I can't seem to keep soda crates in stock.  Also a few old wood levels to add to the "mantiques" section.

 Polaroid Land Camera.

A bunch of 45s.  I haven't sorted through them yet.  I sell A LOT of them in my booth.  Most are in the $2-$10 range, but I have a few rarer ones that I've sold in the $20-$25 range.  I use THIS SEARCH to help price ones that I'm not sure about.  To get pricing on the exact record you have, since many variants exist, you search using the record's serial number.  You can find the serial number etched around the center of each record or on the center label.

 And the award for the weirdest auction item goes to this authentic warming casket.  An auction goer forked over $75 to take this home.

Well, that's it for the finds this week.  And, as I mentioned last week, I am working on my own online store.  I plan on first offering supplies for antique booth owners such as (custom) tags and baker's twine.  I'll also (obviously) be adding some vintage goodies.  If you click the store link above it says that my shop is under construction... and I'll let you know when it's live!

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