Friday, April 3, 2015

Last Friday's Auction Haul

So, I actually went to an auction last Friday. It was not as worth my time as I thought it was going to be, but good junk has been fairly hard to come by lately, even though the weather is starting to warm up. Warm weather generally signals better junk is on it's way! I've been fairly swamped, so I haven't had time to snap a few pics of the stuff I purchased, but after cutting my run short last night due to rain, I was able to. So... here we go!

My obligatory trunk shot.  It's mostly empty boxes.  Do I need to do a junk dance or something to make the junk fruitful?

Got these 2 vintage megaphones that came from a local high school.  I sold one before I even left the auction!

Here's the one that's left in my fireplace decor.

 Currier and Ives Feast of Roses + instant relatives in a nice old frame.  I've found several of the C&I prints for sale online and this one seems to go in the $200-$300 range depending on condition.  Guys, I paid ONE DOLLAR for this print.  I'm not much of an art person, but if I can find a buyer, I'm pretty happy with my $1 investment.

2 more Currier and Ives prints.  The one on the left is Little Manly.  In good condition he seems to go for $100-200.  Mine has a crease down the center, so probably in the $50-$100 range.  The one on the right is My Love and I.  I've only been able to find one other on ebay for $400 and mine is in better condition.  Guys, I paid $5 for each of these prints. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in these prints, please send me an email (envelope button off to the right side of the page).  Or, if you know more about these prints than I do, please send me an email.  I'm obviously not an expert.

Several 7up crates to add to the booth, since I can't seem to keep soda crates in stock.  Also a few old wood levels to add to the "mantiques" section.

 Polaroid Land Camera.

A bunch of 45s.  I haven't sorted through them yet.  I sell A LOT of them in my booth.  Most are in the $2-$10 range, but I have a few rarer ones that I've sold in the $20-$25 range.  I use THIS SEARCH to help price ones that I'm not sure about.  To get pricing on the exact record you have, since many variants exist, you search using the record's serial number.  You can find the serial number etched around the center of each record or on the center label.

 And the award for the weirdest auction item goes to this authentic warming casket.  An auction goer forked over $75 to take this home.

Well, that's it for the finds this week.  And, as I mentioned last week, I am working on my own online store.  I plan on first offering supplies for antique booth owners such as (custom) tags and baker's twine.  I'll also (obviously) be adding some vintage goodies.  If you click the store link above it says that my shop is under construction... and I'll let you know when it's live!

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  1. Just what is a warming casket? I may need to find one. that is strange about the 45's - they do not sell at all here unless they are four for a dollar.

  2. Great haul! When you say that you sold items before you even left the auction, does that mean people follow you to your car? If they were at the auction, why didn't they bid against you? I've only been to a few auctions here in San Francisco and they were discouraging because very nice (but very expensive) furniture was bid up to many thousands of dollars!!

  3. Love the crates! I have a huge stack of them but none like those 7 UP ones.


  4. Nice haul! My favorites are the crates and those fabulous megaphones. It's no surprise you sold one before you ever got them home.

  5. Thanks for sharing all your awesome treasures at my party today.


  6. Melissa, the megaphones made me smile. I hope that someone got my old one from High School and are loving it. My mom and dad moved into a mobile home after I went away to college and somehow all of my cheerleading stuff got lost. My thinks it got put in the donate pile by mistake. Would love to have it, but oh well; that's life! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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