Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lazy Junkin' Weekend

Guys, I went to an auction on Saturday and turned up with nothing except a new pair of bakelite bracelets (I'm now OBSESSED with finding more).  AND a bunch of stuff I needed: like a HUGE set of vintage stainless steel copper bottom pans (mine were pretty dingy hand-me-downs from relatives that I've used since college) and stacks upon stacks of firewood (our pile was down to a few logs - we had a lot of fires in the fireplace this winter).

Despite the junk-less weekend (major sadface, I know)... I did get a pretty big dent in my piles upon piles of stuff to get ready for the Woodruff Place Flea Market.  I shared a few snippets on Instagram.

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

Don't think I worked the whole time.  We also had fires in our new firepit and grilled out A TON.  I'd grill out everyday if I could.

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

Tomorrow is the start of the US 40 / National Road Yard Sale (click to see my finds from last year).  Looking forward to seeing what goodies I can find this weekend.  Going to head West on Friday and head East on Saturday.  Follow along on Instagram!

Have a great week!

Melissa's Antiques

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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Best Garage Sale Find Ever

First - let me apologize to those of you who have commented and haven't received a response from me!  For some reason I'm not receiving an email for every comment I receive, which means I don't see them until I log in to write my next post.  So, if you don't hear from me, that's the reason.

Now, onto this past weekend's finds.  Rain put a damper on things and I didn't get to hit as many sales as I would've liked before the rain really started to come down.  However, I wasn't disappointed.  For the few sales I hit, I did really well.

In fact, at my first stop I got all of this!  A 7ft gold and silver aluminum pom-pom Christmas tree, a working color wheel, and a huge box of pink and aqua blue shiny brites.  And, since I'm keeping it all, I'll let you in on a little secret - I only paid $25!  After posting it on Instagram and Facebook, I actually had an offer of $500 for the tree.  I had to pass, because I'll probably never find another one like it in my life.  Not only is it 7ft tall, it's silver and gold, and in the original box!  This haul is so good, it truly rivals my suitcase haul as my best garage sale find.

Look at the box.  I couldn't believe the woman was selling it.  She said it was her aunt's and she didn't want it.  Well, I'm happy to give it a new home!

While driving around to the garage sales on my list, I happened upon an estate sale.  If it had been listed on estatesales.net, craigslist or the newspaper, it definitely would've been on my list.  I wonder where they listed it to get buyers?  They did have lots and lots of signs.  The house was built in 1956 and it was all original.  The owners had only bought new furniture in 1956 when they moved in.  They never replaced it.  I missed out on some truly wonderful mid-century pieces.  I took a picture of the original mint green bathroom.  I wish I could've bought it and moved it into my house.  I loved it.

The rest of my finds are actually all from this sale... so I'm glad I found it!

My first full set of "aqua blue" Pyrex fridgies.  I know they're DWD (dishwasher damaged) like crazy, but I figured for $4, it was well worth it just for the 4 lids!  I only use DWD Pyrex in my kitchen, so that my fiancee knows he can put it in the dishwasher, so these (sans lids) will get used in my kitchen.  Although, I will say I was really proud of him the other day when he used one of my shiny Autumn Harvest 444's and HAND washed it.  He's learning.  I think I'll keep him.

 The lime Pyrex 232 is the first in this size that I've ever bought.  I'll also buy any Pyrex fridge dish - no matter the pattern - for a buck!  The swan milk glass pepper shaker is already sold to an Instagram friend.  The puppy planter was too cute not to buy.  I also bought my first Glasbake Lipton mug.  This one is a true opal.  They had a yellow one at the sale too, but it was too damaged to buy.

I also got this pink Club pan.  Isn't it awesome?  And this cute sifter.

ANOTHER wood tennis racquet to add to all the other I bought the last 2 weeks.  And another wood folding ruler.

That's it for the finds this week.  Lots of fun things coming up!  A nice long 3-day weekend, which hopefully bring a lot of garage sales.  I've gotta get my garden and flower beds planted this weekend too.  The US 40 / National Road Yard Sale (follow that link to see what I found last year) is coming up the following weekend.  Finally, the weekend after that is the Woodruff Place Flea Market.  The only event I've done to sell my wares (besides a booth/online).  Check out last year here.

Have a great week!

Melissa's Antiques

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Garage Sale Haul

In the spring/summer I fully expect there to be a ton more awesome auctions to attend.  This is my preferred avenue to buy vintage goodies.  However so far this season, I have yet to attend one.  It's only slightly disappointing until I log onto craigslist and see hundreds upon hundreds of garage sales within a short drive of my house.  I tend to narrow down the search using key words such as: estate sale (this is how you find awesome, cheap, family-run ones!), antique/antiques, vintage, collectibles/collectables, treasures, old, and a few other key words depending on what I'm looking for.  I usually search for midcentury/mid-century/MCM and pyrex.  Lately I've also been searching for wedding decor.  All of my wedding decor is going to be 100% authentic vintage, most people don't list it that way.

Anyways, enough of my rambling.  I'm sure you're here to see what I found this weekend...

Here's the group shot!

3 more wood tennis racquets.  Can't keep 'em in the booth and I have no idea why people are buying them.  Although, I'm starting to get a fascination with them...

More vintage Christmas!

Kneehugger family photo.  They look a little drunk here..

Chippy white metal plant stand that is holding a yellow Pyrex 503.  The horizon blue 444 has white crud on it that I hope BKF will take right off.  Also - more ugly Pyrex (Homestead), but when it's cheap, you buy it.  Also, a roll of vintage wallpaper.

More Pyrex and another cheap ugly one (Forest Fancies).  Also, always buy Ball jars when they're cheap, even if you have a million already.

 This guy to the left was my favorite find from Saturday.  It's a pixie playing a piano planter!  His face looks like he's whistling.  Plus 3 Americana pieces.

A midcentury metal plant stand holding an ugly Pyrex Early American 444.  Plus a Fisher Price "popcorn popper."  Think my 18mo old niece would get a kick out of it.  And some unused Yahtzee score pads.

Mom hit one sale on Friday and picked up all of this for like 2 bucks.  I kept the green handled cook cutter you see there.

Well, that's it for this week.  I'm back in school until June 17th, so if I'm a little silent around blogland, I'm sorry in advance.

Have a great week!

Melissa's Antiques

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Finds from the Indiana 38 Sale

Mom and I left bright and early Saturday morning.  The sun was barely up.  We hit the third day of a family run estate sale.  I managed to snag quite a few things still.  The prices were great.  I wish I had gone on the first day, because I'm sure I missed some great stuff.  As I was paying the lady said "Oh, you found some Christmas stuff.  I thought we sold all of that when we had the first sale."  She proceeded to tell me that they had a holiday only estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  It was ALL vintage.  They had 3 rooms full of stuff.  UGH... AND I MISSED IT!

After the estate sale, we went up to Noblesville, where the start of the Indiana Highway 38 Sale started.  We drove from there to New Castle and hit tons of sales!  The prices were pretty good at most places... but it's pretty amazing how quarter, fifty cents, and dollar items add up!

I shared these above 2 sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram yesterday.

Here's half of it!

You may recognize the Pyrex bowls.  Mom bought those at a sale a couple of weeks ago for fifty cents each!  I am really excited for this wedding topper.  I bought it at the estate sale.  The lady said it was her mom and dad's from 1949.  I can't believe she didn't want to keep it!

Adorable child's toy ironing board to match the toy iron I got a couple of weeks ago.  Gosh, Early American Pyrex is ugly, but when it's less than a buck, you buy it.  The 2 old green jars are keepers.  This is the first time I've found a Glasbake whipped honey jar with the lid.

Full set of mint condition Pyrex was one of the great buys of the day.  I've owned all of the bowls before except the orange 442.  The Anchor Hocking fired-on orange ball pitcher was a great buy also. It should match some fired-on juice glasses I have.  Those mercury glass beads down in the bottom right were what prompted the lady at the estate sale to tell me about the vintage holiday sale they had a couple of weeks before the estate sale I attended.

I found the crinoline at an antique store and it was 30% off and already marked cheaply.  I had to get it to go with the pieces I picked up in January.  See that little dog figurine with the 6 holes around it?  It's a cigarette holder!  I've never seen one and thought it was cool.  The McCoy planter will stay with me.  It's one I don't have... and for a buck I was happy to add it to my ever-growing collection!

 Now, onto the second half of my buys!

The typewriter needs cleaned up a little, but it still works.  3 more yardsticks to add to my collection for a one day project.

 All the tins and old boxes of nails were found by digging through the workbench and shelves in the basement at the estate sale.  Only one had a lid, but oh well.  I got a great deal on the crates... they are one of those things that I can't keep in my booth.  The green trim enamel bucket will be added to my collection. 

A couple of old wood tennis racquets... another thing that usually sells as soon as I bring it in.  A red trim enamel bucket which I think I may hold on to for my wedding decor and then sell it.  Also... a bunch of oilers. I think I have a good stock of these now.  I've never bought a bug sprayer before, but it was the right price, so I jumped on it.

When you see vintage games for a buck or less, you have to buy them... even if you definitely don't need another bingo card!

 Here's a good close up of the cases mom bought a couple of weeks ago.  They were at the same sale as the 3 fifty cent pyrex bowls.

Here are the insides.  I'll be doing some research on these and a few others and will likely list them on ebay... unless one of you is interested in buying them.

Not a bad haul, right? 
You can see my finds from the 38 sale last year HERE.

Have a great week!

Melissa's Antiques

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