Monday, June 29, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

It has been 3 weeks since I've written a post. Sorry. But honestly I've just been relaxing and enjoying the summer. It's been a lot of pool time, grilling out, hanging out with friends, and having a drink (or three.  I ended my only summer class for my masters about 2 weeks ago. I guess I just needed a breather from everything. Except Instagram. I'm seriously addicted to it. Plus selling on it has been a load of fun too.

I haven't been buying anything either.  It had (notice this is past tense - so I'll get to that in a second!) been 4 weeks since I'd bought anything.  It has been EVEN longer since I'd brought anything new into my booth.  I'm embarrassed to admit this - but it had been over 2 months (probably closer to 3) since I'd brought anything in.  You sure wouldn't know it from my sales.  I thought they were going to be pretty bad, but truthfully they've been really good for the summer.  This month (June) I thought was going to be the worst (booth rent to sales ratio), but it turns out I've at least doubled (plus a little) my booth rent.  It's the best I can ask for considering everyone would probably rather be outside and going on family vacations and such.

Okay, so let me get on to my weekend!  This past week I decided it was time to get out of my junkin' slump.  I'll be honest here - I really haven't been in the mood to buy for the past month.  It truly has been the lazy days of summer (minus the day job).  I had 2 choices for auctions.  One was part 2 of an estate I had attended nearly THREE YEARS AGO.  Not sure why the family waited so long.  There is a part 3 coming up in July too.  I didn't realized I had been to this place until I saw the barn with the T.

I took this pic almost 3 years ago on the day of the first auction.  Click the link above to follow through to that post.

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And here's my Instagram pic I took during the auction on Saturday.  Major junkin' deja vu, if you ask me.

Anyways, the other auction I could've gone to was a 2-dayer to be held on Saturday and Sunday.  The guy who's estate it was used to run a car repair business and then later when he "retired" he owned an antique shop.  So it was lots of car stuff, lots of shelving and showcases, and a little bit of leftover stuff from his antique store.  I decided to wait to go until Sunday.  After chatting with people about Saturday and seeing what was still left on Sunday, I was glad I waited.  Had I been ready to open an antique store, however, I would've been there Saturday with bells on.  Apparently stuff went CHEAP.  Like, REALLY cheap.  I was even cheaper on Sunday.  The sad story is - this auction was estimated to bring around $20,000.  It only brought in about $5500.  I won't say any more on that.  

I loved being out in the middle of nowhere on such a beautiful day.  I didn't really mind that I had to wait several hours before they got to the stuff that I was there for.  It really helped ease me back into auction-going, since I was able to be outside, sit in a lawn chair, chat with the locals, and just relax.  Here's a few views from Instagram.

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A photo posted by Melissa's Antiques (@melissasantiques) on

Now onto what I bought Saturday. The shelf I used in these pictures was bought Sunday.  It needs a little TLC, but it was CHEAP.

 Everything was bought very cheap, except the grease jar.  I had to wait until the end of the auction to get good prices.  Stuff was going fairly high.  Makes me think that I haven't really been missing any auctions lately, since the prices were high.  It's usually that was when there hasn't been a good auction for awhile.

 I'm going to use the blue swirl enamel pail as part of my wedding decor.  I'll plant a mum in it.  Everything else was bought cheaply for the purpose of reselling.  I like to fill these clear jars with little small odds and ends that people would probably otherwise steal.

The heads are vases.  Shaving stuff is always a good seller.  I fell in love with this little chalkware dog.  I've owned one just like it before.  Pretty sure this is a Fenton basket.  The ceramic pie server will be for my wedding.

 Got this stack of 6 dishes floral plates.  They will be for the wedding.  I haven't been showing you ALL THE STUFF I've been buying, because I has been overwhelming.  You'll see wedding pics sometime in late October, probably.

Now onto Sunday's finds...

More plates for the wedding.  The stack with the plate behind it are all the same.

More plates.  There are a few Lefton there, with the sticker still on them.  I know I'll be hand washing everything, but I'll have to be extra careful with those.  Should be able to get a better resale price out of them.

More plates for the wedding!  I could've bought a lot more, but restrained myself as I have almost as many as I need.  I did give the owner my information and to call me if he's in a bind and needs to sell stuff before he has to be moved out of his location.

I was really happy to pick up some fun colorful glasses and swanky swigs.  And of course the Blendo West Virgina glass pitcher with 6 glasses.  Oh, that juice carafe at the top has it's original GLASS lid! :)  Anyone know how made it?  It's unmarked.

I got another blue swirl bowl.  The grey bowl is marked Texas Ware.  I've never seen a plain one before.  The middle row is such a happy row!  I was able to add 3 McCoy vases to my collection that I didn't have.  The blue fired-on color vase will be for resell.  Random souvenir glasses, including one from Vincennes, Indiana - where my mom's side of the family is all from.  A Jewel Tea bowl, McCoy barrel mug, and a few folding rulers.

And, that's it.  I'm trying to ease back into buying.  I didn't really spend that much on everything you see pictured here.  Truthfully, I've got a lot of stuff, the booth is still doing great even when I don't restock it, and I should be saving all my pennies for my honeymoon.

Okay, can you handle some pictures of my booth after I took in lots of new stuff yesterday?  They kind stink because I took them quickly, as I was already running late to the auction yesterday.  I forgot to turn on the flash.  So they're a little grainy.  I promise I'll shut up so you can just run though them quickly...

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Monday, June 8, 2015

The 2015 Woodruff Place Flea Market

Guys, I had such a great Saturday (again!) at the Woodruff Place Flea Market!  I sold SO. MUCH. STUFF. that I decided to not go back for Sunday's small crowds.  Instead I slept for 12 hours, which after only sleeping about 3 the night before, was AMAZING!

Anyways, onto the views of my "booth" from the market...

 I love Woodruff Place.  It is 3 beautiful streets of historic, many Victorian style, homes.  It makes a beautiful backdrop to the market.  The vendors rent a yard from one of the home owners.  We had great hosts this year.  They had a piano on their porch that anyone was allowed to play.  They also had an old bouncy horse that the kids were allowed to play on.

I sold so many records!  In fact, I was able to sell ALL OF THEM by the end of Saturday! :)
I also sold all of the windows!

Most of the stuff pictured here sold!

 See all those orchard baskets, wood crates and plant stands?

Also, if I had a dollar for each time I heard the "Price Albert in a can" joke on Saturday, I'd be filthy rich.

Pyrex wasn't a huge seller this year, but that's okay.  It will head to my antique booth.

Here we condensed down the tables, after all we had sold.  This was after only an hour into the market.

Finally, I added a butterscotch spacer to my bakelite stack, so I now have a collection!  I hope to add more soon.

What did you guys do this weekend?


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