Monday, June 1, 2015

My US 40 Sights and Finds

 *Pre-warning - this post is VERY picture heavy!*

Hey all, I had a wonderful junkin' weekend.  I took Friday off from work and went junkin' on the US 40 Yard Sale.  I started in Plainfield, Indiana and made it all the way to Terre Haute, Indiana on this day.  I don't think as many people were set up as last year, but I think I found more stuff!  Anyway, here's the sights from Friday.  If you followed along on Instagram, you've already seen them.

This was my very first stop.  SO. MANY. GOODIES.  I wanted to buy so many things, but I didn't as I was afraid of filling up my truck too soon.

This was the very next stop.  I just loved all the glass, shining in the sun like a rainbow.  Didn't buy a thing, as they had crazy antique store prices on them.

I just love signs like this.  It didn't disappoint.  There were many vendors still setting up as I shopped.

One of the many barns I was able to pick goodies out of.  I bought quite a bit from this one.

This was my favorite barn.  I only picked one thing, but it was worth it for the view.  The owner also took me on a tour of a few of the other barns on the property that weren't open to buyers.

One of the best things about this property.  You can only get on and off the property by the small wood bridge.

One of my stops had this random old green Chevy pickup.  I would love to own one of these one day.  Its the perfect junkin' truck.

Can I complain about the old man sellers for a second?  You guys know who I'm talking about - they don't price a thing and when you do ask them about prices, everything is extremely overpriced.  I hate this.  I wish they'd put a sign out so that I could just keep driving by.

One of my favorite stops.  Initially I thought the prices were a little high, but I got to talking to the dealer.  She really needed to get rid of as many pieces as possible, so I ended up with 12 pieces, including the aqua snowflake divided dish in original box you see there in the picture, for a great price.

After a few more stops, I was able to stop for lunch at one of my favorite small town pubs.  I grabbed a burger and a beer and was on my way to more sales after that.  (PS - look at the amazing doors!)

One of my many stops.  I loved the guitar that was repurposed and has the words "YARD SALE" painted on it.  I asked if I could buy it - not for sale.

There was part of US 40 that was really tore up in Brazil, Indiana, but I was able to find this house that was full of all sorts of goodies.  The owner converted it into a sort of shop.

The Clabber Girl sign signifies that you've almost made it to Terre Haute.  It says "Five minutes to Terre Haute... the home of Clabber Girl Baking Powder."

Here is the final trunk shot from Friday.  I picked up quite a bit more than I thought I would.  A lot of it were dishes for my wedding.

On Saturday I was lucky and had my aunt to join me.  We went from roughly Cumberlandd, Indiana to Dunreith, Indiana.  We would've gone further, but the truck was filled to the max.  It was a lot of fun!

First barn of the day on Saturday.

Another barn stop.  I wasn't able to get a picture from outside, but did get one of the inside.

I got a picture of this 1947-49 Zenith TV/radio/record player at one of the stops.  AND IT WORKED.  It was cool.

Another barn sale.

It was organized like a museum on one side.  With museum prices to boot.

I forgot to snap a picture of these yesterday when I was going through everything I bought, but I picked these posters up from the above sale.  If you look closely, you can see them leaning against the barn.

This is an old Checker.  They were mostly used for cabs, but this one never was.  It was converted for a family who had a child that was disabled.  It has ramps that come out when you open the doors to get the wheelchair in.  This thing is so big, when they took the passenger seat out, they could fit a stretcher in there.

This amazing VW was for sale at our last stop.  It was our favorite stop.  We picked this guys barn for over an hour.

Here's a small peek at the inside of this barn.

 Don't wear flip flops when you pick a barn because: 1) your feet will get insanely dirty and 2) you will probably step on something and it will go right through your flip flop.  That happened to me.  I stepped on a nail and I luckily picked my foot up before it punctured my foot!  We didn't know we were going to pick a barn like this, but we'll have shoes ready for next time.

How we fit all of this in here, I have NO IDEA.  I bought a lot of stuff for the wedding including these 2 galvanized tubs.  I didn't get pictures of any of the wedding stuff, as I left it at my mom and dad's instead of bringing it back to my house.

My aunt and I took a junk selfie to prove we were packed full.  Yeah, we couldn't see out the back.

Okay, so I bet you want to see what I bought?  Okay, here goes with what I got Friday...

I took a chance at one stop.  The lady had 3 huge boxes of coffee mugs.  They were $1 a box.  I looked at the top few in one box and just decided to take them all.  Of course there were a bunch that I'll just end up donating to Goodwill, but I got all of these good ones!

I didn't get Pyrex at just the one stop pictured above.  I picked it up at several spots.  It was a great Pyrex day!

Look - here's even more!  This is the most fridgies I've ever found in one day.

Plus: Fire King bowl, Glabake soup cup, and Hazel Atlas jam jar.

My first piece in the original box.  It doesn't have the lid, but they can be replaced fairly easily.

For 10 cents each, these bowls were no-brainers.

These noritake pieces I got with dinner and dessert plates that I left at my mom's house.

 Do people buy single midcentury plates?  They're in such fun patterns.  Again, for 10 cents each, I had to buy them.

This is the one thing I picked out of my favorite barn from Friday.

A lot of it was junky stuff that got thrown away, but I saved these bits.

Up next are my finds from Saturday...

Most of this stuff was picked out of the barn.  My aunt picked a lot of really cool things.

Picked this out of a barn on Saturday.  I don't have time to make this into a table before the Woodruff Place Flea Market this weekend... so hoping some other crafty person wants to!

So... speaking of the Woodruff Place Flea Market... I've been working my tail off getting ready for it.  If you'd like to come you can find more info about the location on their website.  I'll know my exact location in the next day or so and will update that info on my Facebook and Instagram.
Woodruff Place Flea Market
June 6-7
8A - 5PM

If you're thinking of coming and want more info, please email me.  I'm happy to answer questions.  I've been attending Woodruff for 7 years.  This will be my third year as a vendor.  If you live a little further away and think it may not be worth the drive, trust me it is.  The Indiana Vintage Wine and Food Festival is going on downtown in Military Park on Saturday.  It's only a few miles from Woodruff Place.

Have a great week!

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  1. boy, you did a lot of bargain hunting!

  2. Looks like you may need a bigger vehicle! HA!

    Love the cooler. I am slowly starting to collect those but they are so dang expensive it will be a while before I add another.


  3. Melissa! Wow! What an amazing amount of goodies!! Had to be a lot of fun. And yeah, shoes next time, glass you didn't injure yourself!!! :0)


  4. OH my Melissa! What a day, what finds! I love the pyrex piece, still in the box! Great pictures too. Thanks for taking part in "Let's Talk Vintage!"

  5. Do you and your aunt compete to find the best bargains!?! What are those little animals in a row? Pigs? I absolutely love everything. I hope I have just one bit of the luck this weekend at our long yard sale event. I did notice you got a lot of sun too.

  6. looks like a great day for shopping bargains, lol.... i would have enjoyed something like that as well... glad to see so many pictures, that way at least I was able to travel with you :-)
    And I wish you all the best on your wedding. I would love to see how those dishes serve you well on your special day.

  7. This is my kind of junkin' adventure! Wow, I think next time you need to haul a trailer behind you. You sure found some fabulous junk, thanks for sharing it at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  8. Ooh...this looks like a trip I would have loved! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. What great finds and it looks like you had fun hunting! Thank you so much for linking up with Thursday Favorite Things this week!

  10. Wow, look at all that stuff! Looks like you need a bigger car. Loved you foot photo, for some reason whenever I step inside a barn for a sale I end up either tripping over a floorboard or stepping in left over cow poop!

  11. I know the sellers you are talking about. I hate it when things are not priced and I usually just pass them by. Love the vintage Pyrex and all your other treasures. Thanx for sharing at THT!

  12. Wow this looks like such a fun adventure!! Looks like you got to bring many new treasures home, how very exciting!! :) Love everything you got, there's just too many things to list! haha! Happy weekend! xo Holly

  13. So much fun! I would love to have been shopping right along side you. Old trucks, barns, bridges, and junkin. Now that's the life! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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