Monday, July 20, 2015

Boggstown Farm Auction

This weekend was a hot and nearly 100% humidity all weekend.  True Indiana summer weather is finally here.  Saturday I laid by the pool most of the day.  It got up to nearly 95 degrees with a heat index of over 100.  Sunday was about the same, but there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms.  However, I still decided to go to a huge farm auction.  You just can't pass up a farm auction.  They're becoming fewer and further between.

Using my GPS, it said my drive would be 45 minutes.  I left 90 minutes early to allow myself time to look around once I got there.  Little did I know, there were detours galore.  I had to take over 45 minutes and 30 extra miles, just to get to this auction.  I almost gave up and turned around several times.

Anyways, once I got onsite it was time for the auction to begin.  Many people were in the same boat as me, arriving at the start of the auction due to all the detours.  (Hell, the detours had detours!)  They delayed the start of the auction for a few minutes.  This allowed me enough time to wander around, get an idea of where stuff was and take a few pictures.

Unfortunately the house was falling apart and appeared to not be livable.  I'm sure it was quite beautiful in it's day.

One of the many barns that were full of stuff.

Another of the barns that was full of stuff. 

It had rows...

and rows...

of beautiful primitive furniture...

and architectural pieces.

Piece of old farm equipment grown over with weeds.

More tools than any family could ever need.

They were just outside of this old stable.  It had 2 stalls.

Also outside of the stable were tons and tons of vintage toys.

I really wanted these chairs.  Mint green was there original color, painted over by black, and then white.  They went for a pretty high retail price.

I also wanted these, but they sold for more than they were worth.

I've never seen this many egg baskets at one time.  I have a few myself and have never paid more than $10 for one.  These all sold for $25 each.  That's what I sell mine for!

Not sure why this person had an old dentist's chair.  But... they did!

One of the other auction goers bought this 7 foot tall portrait of the Statue of Liberty.  So strange.  You never know what you're going to find at an auction.

Anyways, onto what I bought!  And, after this point all of the pictures turned out a little blurry.  Pretend you're in a hazy junk-filled dream.  Or something like that.

Full/queen patchwork quilt.  Lots of awesome old fabrics, including feedsack!

Cute little baby blanket!

Another patchwork baby blanket.  As if the size weren't a good enough clue, the person who made it quilted the word "BABY" into the pattern.

Close up of some of the patches.  Lots of old feedsack material.

Another patchwork BABY quilt.

Again, look at those amazing fabrics!

I find a lot of these "mini" quilts that don't even seem big enough to be a baby quilt.  I assume they're "practice" quilts?  Can anyone offer an insight?

Another adorable baby quilt.

So, these were the last things I bought at the auction.  During the auction they ran 3 rings, selling stuff out of the outbuildings and semi trailers.  There was a large tent set up next to the house where they sold all of the things that came out of the house.  The last 20 or so minutes of the auction, the main auctioneer was like "we've got to hurry up and get this over with!"  The sky to the west was black as night.  A giant storm was on it's way.  Right after I bought these quilts, I was about to bring them to my truck, but the sky just OPENED UP.  I had never seen it rain so hard.  Luckily most of the people left at the auction were under the tent.  Also we were lucky it was just a small cell.  10 minutes later it was over.  I've battled some crazy weather for auctions before.

Okay, now onto the rest of what I bought!

I bought a small pile of architectural salvage - spindles!

And a few other odd pieces.

 And this.  I figured someone might like it to make a sign or something.

This vintage croquet set is in excellent shape.  It's just missing its balls.  (Smile if you see what I did there.)

I picked up this stack of scrapbooks, thinking I'll be able to sell the pages to you crafty people.

 I'm pretty certain I have enough plates for my wedding now... but for $1 for all of this... how could I pass it up?

(Side note: I've also been debating in my head whether or not I'll start a wedding rental business just for fun after mine is over.  We don't have any in the area that supply vintage stuff for weddings.  I basically have all of the supplies already.  Plus, it would give me an excuse to keep buying stuff.  Ha!  Why not?  Anyone have experience doing this or has worked with someone who has done this?)

Cute mini oil lamps with a free layer of dust.

McCoy planter and a graphic dovetailed wood box.

This is probably my favorite buy of the day.  A Pyrex (bubblegum) pink 1.5qt 023 with lid, cradle, AND original box.  I've only ever seen this size in Opal.  It will probably head to ebay. 

A few choppers.

Loved that this Bingo game is a carrying case.  A few of the marking chips are Bakelite.

And finally, a set of 5 box cameras.  Pretty excited to add these to my booth.  My camera shelf is always pretty sparse, since it gets picked over quickly.

Some fun brass stencils.

I got a bunch of free books AGAIN this week!

Including this Fun with Dick and Jane basic reader.

Several stories about scouting.

Some Christmas books.

And this Americana pop-up book.  First edition.  I can't believe what it's fetching on ebay.

That's it for this week.  What junking adventures did you get into this weekend?


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  1. Great tales of your travels, Melissa, but I didn't see whatever it was in that photo of the croquet set?? I sorta thought the same thing after my daughter's wedding, but eventually sold off most of our collected items. Love the salvage and I think maybe that smaller quilt is just a lap throw. We're getting ready to celebrate our mall's 10th anniversary, Panoply's 7th, so we're juggling things and planning a promo. Have a great week.

  2. WOW, great stuff. You got some great books too.

  3. Those small quilts are likely lap quilts. I know they make them for nursing home folks around here. :)

  4. Lots of goodies but I like the Dick and Jane Reader the best. I learned to read from that.

  5. Like all the cameras! What an interesting auction. Like the statue of liberty

  6. You totally need to open a vintage wedding rental service. There is one here and when a friend of mine got married, she had to book it a year in advance. They are super popular!


  7. Oh my goodness, those are definitely what you call dream auctions! What fun! Too bad you didn't get to go in the house and too bad it is run down. Hopefully someone will see the potential and pay it a little TLC and make it livable again. Was the house for sale?
    I see lots of Fisher Price little People playsets, like the Sesame Street one that I have, and the farm and school. Oh what fun! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every picture! Cute quilts too. Your finds were great also.
    Thanks for sharing such a beauty and fun with us. Visiting from Let's Talk Vintage. :)

  8. How fun! I have never been to an auction so I have no idea how to "buy" at one. I can't believe all the stuff they had at this one! I had a great thrifting day on is my current post if you want to visit me!

  9. Sounds and looks like fun! I always hate when the prices are too high. We always want a bargain.

  10. I wish I could have been there. I see so many goodies!! I would have needed a truck! LOL!

  11. Wowie, Melissa! I sure wish I could have snagged that Statue of Liberty poster thing! (We have that theme going on at our lake house)
    Love the architectural stuff and the opal Pyrex set. The Dick and Jane book made me flash back to grade school! I must have read out of one like it. Thanks for the post, fun stuff!

  12. Hello Melissa, I found this post through What's It Wednesday. My heart just started racing at looking at this auction and it looks as though there was a small buying crowd. I'm in love with the house, I hope someone restores it. I feel you're biggest score by far was the Little Black Sambo book, great find! It's such a sweet little story, too bad the book is banned now. Hugs, BettyJean

  13. Sounds like a wild day, but well worth the effort and weather. I know I've said this before, but I sure do wish we had auctions like this around here. Love those architectural pieces, brass stencils, and the cameras. Thanks for sharing your adventure at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  14. Drool, drool, drool! i simply cannot imagine driving to an auction loaded with goodies like this! Love everything you bought!

  15. Wow, $25 for an egg basket? Does it come full with eggs, lol. It looks like you've found some treasures and had fun. Thanks for linking up with us at Thursday Favorite Things!

  16. HOLY COW! what a sale, I would have needed two trucks to escape from that one.

    On the wedding rentals, I worked with a wedding coordinator and rented silk/floral and party arrangements through her. So she dealt with the 'bridezillas', and I just got to be super creative. It must be lucrative, because I felt 'overpaid', but who's complaining. We did this for about three years until she moved away. Good luck, vintage weddings sound like fun.

  17. So many wonderful things, Melissa. I would have loved to have been there! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  18. Wow Melissa! Too bad that you weren't able to get a few of the items you wanted. I love the large corbels and old dry sink! Still, you got some great stuff. I grew up with Dick and Jane. I'm smiling because I have been thinking of doing a vintage rental for weddings, anniversaries, birthday's etc. I couldn't think of one theme that I didn't have at least 20 items that would work. lol! thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Melissa, this looks so fun! Great buy on the $1 china and I love the pink Pyrex. I just found a turquoise Snowflake divided casserole this morning ;) Have a great weekend!

  20. So unique stuff!! I love being part of such auctions. Actually I buy unique items for my personal collection. Well dear, I have been looking for the vintage party halls in Bay area for my birthday party. You know I will use some items from my collection for decoration purpose.


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