Monday, August 24, 2015

Midcentury Chair and Some Signs

I didn't do much junkin' this weekend.  It was almost going to be no junking, but when you see what I got, you'll understand why.

Viko Baumritter
I was driving home from work on Friday evening and I happened to be following a pickup with trailer.  They were both full of what looked like trash... except I saw that beautiful orange back of a chair sticking out the back of the pickup.  I pulled up next to the pickup at the next stoplight.  I rolled down my window and yelled, "Hey, is that orange chair for sale?"  The guy said, "Everything's for sale."  We agreed to pull into Goodwill, which was block up the road.  We first exchanged names and then he took out the chair so that I could look it over.  It was perfect.  It only had a layer of dirt (as seen in the photo above).  I asked, "How much?"  He replied, "Whatever, I just want to get rid of it."  So, I went to my wallet and pulled out all that I had, which was $5.  I felt bad, but he was more than happy.  He loaded it in the back of my truck for me.  We exchanged numbers and I'll eventually go to look at more of his aunt's things, as he was cleaning out her house.  Moral of the story?  It never hurts to ask.

I also did a little re-purposing this weekend.  I used barn wood from the family barn bought nearly 2 years ago and some spindles and architectural salvage I bought from a farm auction last month.  All of the below will be used for my upcoming wedding in October!

 I didn't want to share this whole sign... I've gotta keep some decor a secret!

Pretty much the order of the wedding after the ceremony!

Here they are connected to the spindles.  We will wire a stake to the bottom of each to put into the ground, so we don't break the spindles.

I bought this shutter at an auction back in July.  It was pure blue.  I gave it the chippy treatment to reveal layers of black and white paint below.

This is mom's wheelbarrow that she normally fills with flowers each summer.  She didn't this summer, so we could easily bring it for decor at the wedding.  I'm imagining it filled with gourds or mums.  You can also see part of a whiskey barrel that will be made into a table for the wedding.

That's it for this week.  I'm still recovering from my 127 trip and cleaning up all the 127 finds.  I'm still working on a thoughtful post about 127 tips & tricks (that link will go live once the post is done).


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  1. Score on the chair! Note to self...ask.

  2. You are funny! I probably would've done the same thing, depending on the circumstances. SCORE! Your wedding stuff is lookin' good! That stuff takes time, I remember spending a couple of solid weekends getting stuff ready for my daughter's. I hope you'll have plenty of help the day before/of too. Getting close!

  3. Love the chair. You never know what odd places you will find treasure

  4. That's the way to pick! Junk can be found just about anywhere. Love your signs! Thanks for sharing at VIP, Melissa.

  5. Yup, never hurts to ask! Love the chair and the signs are super cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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