Thursday, August 13, 2015

The World's Longest Yard Sale - The Haul

I've been sorting through everything I've bought last weekend and I finally got through everything!  You can read about my whole trip HERE.  I'm not going to waste any time.  I'm going to get right to my buys.  Fair warning... there are lots of pictures!

Siestaware!  I was lucky to find these 2 sets at 2 different stops.

These have never been used.  They still have their original stickers on the bottom of each glass.

I love the kitschy Hawaiian tropical theme on these.

It took only 2 stops to find these Glasbake Honey Whip jars in every color of the rainbow.

I've never seen the red one before.

Or the purple one!

I'm pretty picky about the mugs I buy.

I'm tempted to keep the Fire King green ombre ones.  I LOVE the Hazel atlas children's mugs.  The H is for Horse one is my favorite.

I was very lucky to find three of the Ranger Joe mugs at one stop.

Milk bottles are generally very pricey at the auctions here, so I usually can't afford to pick them up.  However, I got a really good deal on all of these at one stop.

The graphics on these are great.

These too.

Here are the smaller cream bottles.

More great graphics.

Here too.

I've been slowing down on my Pyrex buying.  I know it looks like a lot here, but I passed up more than you can possibly imagine.  Left is the Princess promotional casserole.  Right is a Verde 045.  I've never seen this pattern in this size.

The rest of the Pyrex haul.  It was a red and orange day.

Based on my research these red 401s were sold individually.  They were meant to match the Friendship set.  These and the 402 are in excellent condition.  You never find the 402 in good condition - it is always the most damaged of the primary set.

All Fire King bowls except the white with yellow flowers.  It is unmarked - believe it's Glasbake.

McKee jadeite mixing bowl, Fire King bowl, and Hazel Atlas Moderntone.

One of my favorite finds of the day - new in box Hazel Atlas Tom & Jerry drink set.

Some awesome pottery pieces.

McCoy mixing bowl & Shawnee planter.

Hull double planter and a turquoise McCoy planter for my collection.

Lots of critter figurines and planters.

How did I end up with 2 donkeys pulling carts?  The deer planter is sweet.

The squirrel toothpick holder (with original plastic toothpicks) and pixie planter are other favorites.

Didn't realize I bought this many S&Ps!

Seriously, how did I get this many Pyrex S&Ps?  All picked at different stops.

The birds are cute.  The lustroware shakers are in excellent shape.

Boy, I love chalkware.  Especially doggie chalkware.

One of those "I can't believe I found this at this price at this sale" pieces.  This was sitting with piles of baby clothes under a canopy on Thursday while it was pouring down rain.  I got an excellent rainy day deal on it.

Restocked on soda crates!  I definitely should've bought more, as these will be gone in a few months.  They don't last long in the booth.

Okay, these have a story.  I pulled into a barn sale.  Walked inside, it was mostly clothes and stuff I didn't want.  Walked back outside and talked to the woman running the sale a bit.  Then I noticed these babies all sitting in a box.  They all had price tags of $2-$10.  Well, I wasn't about to shell that kind of dough out, so I was about to get back in my car when the lady said, "Please take them all away for $2. I just want to get rid of them."  How could I say no to that?  There were 2 others, but the stickers that were on the side ruined the finish, so they went in the Goodwill pile.

Love this picnic set!

There's a few patterns here that I hadn't seen before on a thermos (the orange ones).

Got these 3 spice racks at my first stop in Fairfield, Ohio from a nice older woman who does flea markets for fun.

I picked up quite a few enamelware pieces.

This is my favorite enamelware color combo... in fact I collect it!  I didn't have the 2 smallest sizes, so those went into my collection.

Some metal kitchen collectibles.

Couldn't pass up these adorable canisters.

Look at that tiny metal dust pan!  I am keeping the green/yellow match holder.  It replaced a rusty one I have.  This one matches my kitchen better.

More kitchen collectibles.  I was happy to get 2 Lu-Ray plates.

This Alka Seltzer store display (with the buttons) is a favorite find.  Isn't it cool?

I've sold quite a few of the girl scout and boy scout manuals.  They'll probably head to my ebay store.

Random lot of stuff.  Loved the Snickers candy bar box.

The planter is marked USA and is an older one.  I really like the plastic vanity set.

Printer's blocks and new old stock child's unstamped ID bracelets.

The lot of vintage birthday candles was a cool find.  Davy Deer is too cute for words!

Some mantiques and 1950s fall festival prize ribbons.

Wood handled kitchen tools and wood hangars. Keeping the green handled mallet for my collection.

Love these vintage trash cans.

Needed to restock some small crocks for my booth.  Picked all of these up for good prices.

Also got to pick up a ton of milk bottle caps.

Always a good idea to buy license plates for your state in another state.  I got all of the Indiana ones from a vendor in Ohio.  He gave me a great deal on them.  His Ohio ones were priced much higher.  The 2 Michigan ones I picked up from a garage sale along Michigan's Route 12.

This explosive's box was pretty cool.  Has dovetail edges!

More wood tennis racquets for the booth.  I sell a lot of these.  What do people use them for?

Check out these cool railroad signs!

I couldn't pass these up!  I know several guys who hang them on their walls.  I've also seen people make clocks out of them.

Aqua, aqua, aqua!  Kids typewriter (works!), radio (works!), fan (works!), and a record case (KEEPER!).  Also got some more 45s for the booth.

A Kodak box camera and lots of souvenir postcards.

My absolutely favorite find of the whole trip.  This 1970s Zenith portable TV.

And last, but not least... some vintage jingle bells and Christmas corsages.

That's it!  That's all I have to show for 3 days.  It's more than I thought I'd be able to buy, as prices were more fair (and garage sale) at more stops than I thought. 

Stay tuned for my next post.  It will be a post with TIPS & TRICKS for shopping and traveling the 127.


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  1. Wow, wow, wow! Great deals and steals. So many favorites I cannot list them all.

  2. A dream trip Melissa. You picked just right !!!

  3. Wow, Melissa. Your commitment and perseverance paid off big time. Really nice haul. I'm digging that tartan bag with the picnic set of thermoses. Love the crate and alka seltzer display with buttons! And the railroad signs.

  4. Awesome finds, Melissa--what a fun experience it must've been. I'd love to do it someday. Looking forward to your tips and tricks :)

  5. What a fantastic haul! I am swooning over that record case :)

  6. Looks like you filled your vehicle!

  7. Holy S**T Melissa! You're gonna have to open another booth :-) Love it all and have no idea how you are able to part with some of these things. Which is precisely why I am a hoarder and not a seller :-)


  8. Oh my goodness, what a haul! I sure wish we had something like this out here on the west coast, I'd really be in trouble then. Love those thermoses and the soda crates! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  9. Oh my goodness, what a haul! I sure wish we had something like this out here on the west coast, I'd really be in trouble then. Love those thermoses and the soda crates! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. Whoa, I don't even know where to begin! I saw so many things I love! well as many things that I used or look familiar to me. First, the collection of milk bottles is great! Lucky you! The thermos collection caught my eye as well because as a young child I remember bringing my milk to school in a red plaid thermos just like you have pictured. The little pixie planter I have several of that belonged to my grandmother. She also had the donkey and cart as well. You sure have a large collection of goodies.....that would keep me happy for a good long while!!!

  11. Wow, I can't believe all of the fabulous things you got! $2 for all of those thermoses, that is fabulous! I have a collection and only one cost me $2. I too love the graphics on the milk bottles. My basement is cherry themed, so I pick up anything that has a cherry one it. You did good girl! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Hi Melissa, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  13. Wow, what a great haul. My dream is to do this one day!


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