Monday, August 10, 2015

The World's Longest Yard Sale - The Trip Breakdown

I conquered my first trip to the 127 Yard Sale - The World's Longest Yard Sale!  Did you follow along on Instagram?  I shared a lot of my trip there as I went along!  I made some changes from my original plan (you can read about it HERE - scroll down to bottom).  I'm here to share with you the route I took and some sights along the way.  I'm not here to share my TIPS & TRICKS yet.  I'll save that for a future post.

Day 1: Mt. Healthy, OH to Celina, OH
I woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready to leave.  The rain was coming down pretty good in Indianapolis and moving southeast towards Cincinnati, where I was headed.  I was at my local Starbucks by 5:45 and left with my green tea and croissant.  I started my route in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, which is just north of Cincinnati.  I arrived in Mt. Healthy at 8 in the morning.  The rain was coming down good.

The only thing I got in Mt. Healthy was a picture of my first Highway 127 sign.

Due to the rain, I didn't hit a sale until Fairfield.  Unfortunately many of the sales were covered up with tarps and were closed to business.  However a lot of the fields that were occupied by 10 or more vendors were generally still open, but just had all of their stuff piled under the canopies.

This seller just leaned their architectural salvage against a fence.

I loved this house along 127 in Camden, Ohio.

I don't have a picture, but one of my best stops of the day was at the Darke County Steam Threashers Association in Greenville.  I stopped there around 3:30 in the afternoon.  I hadn't eaten anything except for breakfast, so it was great that they had 5-6 vendors selling all sorts of carnival type food.  They also had plenty of vendors and I was able to buy quite a bit.  As with most places that had lots of vendors some vendors had garage sale prices and others had antique store prices.

At my last stop of the day, just south of Celina, it had finally stopped raining.  This field of 25-30 vendors was absolutely crawling with people.  I made my way to one booth and I spied this dolphin table.  It was definitely the weirdest thing I saw on my first day of the 127 Yard Sale.

My wellies at the end of day 1.  Mud was splattered up even further than the top of my boots!

Grand Lake - St. Mary's.  This was my view for the evening.  It was quite breath-taking

 I camped out right on Grand Lake.  The campground was less than a mile off of 127, so it was perfect.  Before you all start shouting warnings about doing things like this by myself, please don't.  You wouldn't if I was a guy.  I am a big girl and know how to handle myself.  And look, I'm alive here today to write this post! :)

I did get to go to a local bar and had some of the best wings and fried pickles.  And it was $1.50 beer night, so how could I say no to a couple of Yuenglings?  It's a treat since I can't get it in Indiana.  My total for all of this?  $8.50.  Man, I love small town bars.  In the big city that would've set me back probably $20.

Overall I made it almost 100 miles my first day.  I definitely don't think I would've been able to do that if it wasn't raining.

Day 2: Celina, OH to Bryan, OH

I woke up around 5 in the morning again.  Not because I wanted to, but because the geese on the lake were making all sorts of noise.  Plus, sleeping on the ground was starting to take a toll on my back.  I browsed Instagram for a half an hour to see what everyone else was buying on the 127.  I then made my way to shower and get ready for the day.  I was done about 10 minutes before sunrise.  So I walked out onto one of the gravel points to watch it rise above the lake.

This is the #1 reason I love to camp.  It was so serene and even more beautiful in person.  When I wandered back to my campsite the rest of the campground was just waking up.  I packed up and was on the road by 8 in the morning. 

I barely got a mile north of the campgrounds before I made my first stop.

If I had started any later, this beauty wouldn't have still been waiting for me.  I plugged it in last night when I got home and it turned on and got static!  After a little research, I'd have to get a digital converter to get a picture.  It wasn't worth the $30something bucks Wal-Mart wanted for one, so I'll be looking for one at yard sales.  I don't know yet if this will be a keeper or not yet, but I really love it!

A short drive later I was on the north side of Grand Lake and there was a HUGE set up right on the lake!  It was my best stop for the day.  I bought lots here!  Also, it was quite a view!

A dolphin rock sculpture.  Here you can see the lake in the background.

At the end of my shopping at this stop, I spied Amish made fried hand pies.  I had to buy one!  These fried pies are a 127 Yard Sale staple!  And let me tell you - YUM!

As I drove through the main street with all the old homes in Celina, nearly every home was having a sale.  The traffic was at a crawl.  I decided to pass all of them, as most were clothes and new items.

I did pass this old pharmacy in Celina.  I loved the building and the signage.  Especially the neon.

The next town I hit was Van Wert.  The Van Wert County Fairgrounds is a must-stop.  Lots of vendors.  I came away with a few things.  Plus they had several food vendors on site.  Their main street with all the old homes was the same as Celina - absolutely packed with sales and slow traffic.  I didn't even bother shopping.  However, it was going so slow, I was able to shop from my car.  I did roll down my window and ask "Hello, how much?" (golden rule!) on a Pyrex bowl set on a lady's table in her front lawn.  She yelled back a crazy price.  So I just said "Thank you!" and kept moving.

The rest of the day was an absolute blur.  I hit so many sales, it was impossible to keep count.

My favorite kinds were ones like these that had rows upon rows of tables at garage sale prices.  I was able to find several treasures at sales like these.

If I took pictures of all the old barns along the route, I wouldn't have made it very far.  This was one of my favorite stops as I grabbed quite a few treasures here.  Not every "barn sale" was a winner, but I'll get to that later in a TIPS & TRICKS post.

My last stop of day 2 in Bryan, OH yielded this oddity.  Click to enlarge and be grossed out.  Yes, what you're staring at is exactly what you think it is... he is anatomically correct!

The last stop also had some of my favorite things, that I wish I'd been able to take home.  Unfortunately space was getting more limited and these prices were crazy high!

At this point, this is where my plans changed.  I hadn't made it to the point I wanted to, which was the "beginning" of the route in Addison, MI.  I was also pretty tired and didn't want to make the 3 hour drive home.  So I got on and booked the cheapest nearby hotel.  When I pulled in, roughly 5 cars pulled in after me.  All people like me, who had been shopping the route all day.  After we all got checked in to our separate rooms and showered, we all met at the local diner and had dinner together.  Junkin' really brings people together.  

Since I knew this was probably my last decent sized city stop in Ohio, I had to stop and make a special purchase for my significant other.  I told him he better realize how much I love him, as this case was taking up lots of precious cargo space!

Day 3: Bryan OH to Addison, MI

From Bryan, OH to Addison, MI I didn't get much of anything.  Think it may have been because it was Saturday and most vendors had been selling for nearly a week.

I loved this 1960 Metropolitan at one of my stops.  Such a cute little car. 

I had to stop and get this picture!

Day 3: Michigan's Longest Yard Sale - Somerset, MI to Coldwater, MI

Once I reached Addison it was only 10 in the morning.  I decided I'd take my chance at Michigan's Longest Yard Sale.  I had to go down Highway 12 anyway to get over to Interstate 69 to get back home to Indy... so I figured I'd shop it!

Wish this place in Somerset had been open.  It looked like it held a lot of treasures

I love trying local places while doing my yard sale routes.  I had a great cheeseburger and milkshake from here!

I love pulling up to sales like this.  That large building was packed to the brim.  I was finding all sorts of stuff I wanted to buy.  However, my heart sank a little when an old man with a Duck Dynasty beard walked out.  Old men always have crazy prices, it seems.  He quoted me a price on the item I was holding.  He was asking double retail.  I asked to check out the inside of the building, hoping that would be where the less valuable stuff was, since he didn't have it out in the front.  No such luck.

On a stop in Allen, MI I found this awesome midcentury chair for only $15.  I wanted it so badly, but I just didn't have the room for it in my truck.  I did let a local IG friend know that it was there and I hoped she went to pick it up.

 Thanks for sticking with me this long.  I hope you enjoyed my trip details.  As your reward, I'll give you a sneak peek of everything I bought!

 Back shot so you can get an idea of how full I was.  I was barely able to see out the back, which is why I didn't try to squeeze the midcentury chair inside.

Left side view.  Yes, that's 10 soda crates.  I actually bought 11.  I needed to restock the booth badly, as I only have a couple left.

Right side view.  Yes, that's an AWESOME claw foot stool you see there.

It's hard to grasp how much stuff is here.  I'll be taking better photos this week, so expect a better post in the next couple of days.
Well, that's it for now!  Stay tuned for more!


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  1. I am green with envy and drooling all over myself! Treasures and beer and fried pies and a penis - WOW!

  2. Melissa, glad you made it so far and had so many adventures on your trip! My sisters and I had a different kind of trip (Thurs & Fri), and used our Plan B on Thurs. I did take the opportunity to browse your IG though, and was happy to see your recount of events. I'll do a post later this week, and I'll be cross-referencing your trip for readers to view. Welcome back!

  3. Wow! You had an amazing time by looking at the photos! I hope some day I can go. Looking forward to more about what you bought.

  4. I was in Mt Healthy and Fairfield and that's about it. You missed NOTHING by not going south into Cinci. I am already staking out my trip for next year :) Thanks for all the tips!

  5. Look at all those goodies!!! Glad you had a good trip and filled up your car. I too, had a good trip down here in Alabama and TN., and filled up my SUV. I hope to get my post up by tomorrow.


  6. Wow, that must have been a really exciting road trip. Joy ride! I like that house in Camden as well. Very pretty :-)
    Maya from Roses and Tea Cups

  7. I have always wanted to do that long garage sale but probably never will get to go. Oregon is a bit far away.

  8. Wow! First, I am impressed that you drove the whole trip alone and camped out alone! I am not there yet!! Also, you got so much great stuff. I have never heard of this sale but it seems to be well worth the adventure!

  9. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun!! My boss went on that too, I'll have to send her a link to this post and see if anything looks familiar to her.
    Loved the blue Victorian in Ohio, gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see more!

  10. Oh wow, junk heaven! It's no wonder you lost track of all the places you stopped, it would all be a dream come true blur to me. You did good! Thanks for sharing your adventure at VIParty.

  11. I am so jealous! This kind of a junkin' trip has been on my bucket list for years! I loved your comment about camping ... and Mr. Well Endowed should have been covered up! Too funny. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  12. Melissa, sounds like such a fun adventure. You really got a lot of great stuff! Can't wait to see more of it. I think I've seen quite enough of the mannequin though. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. We have done the 127 yd sale for several years now and have covered it all. We did Ohio to MI (about our 4th time) this year and I recognize some of your pictures. I was not aware of the MI Yd sale and noticed the dates were for the following weekend. Did you wait around or do many set out a week early?


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