Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend Finds

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a wonderful (holiday - for my US friends) weekend!  I was lucky enough to get a 4 day weekend.  I have NEVER been one for Black Friday shopping, bu I did attend an auction... which is my kind of Black Friday sale!  I was also lucky enough to attend an auction on (Small Business) Saturday.  It was the perfect way to spend the weekend, as it will probably be my last vintage hunting for 2015.  My new hubby and I will be on our honeymoon for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year's Eve... so I'll throw this out here now: Happy Holidays to everyone out there in blogland!

 Anyways, so far I've gotten photos of the stuff I've taken to the booth.  I still have more items to clean up and lots of ephemera to go through!  I hope to get pictures of them soon.  So here we go with what I've got so far...

I love buying things in bulk!

If these candy boxes don't sell, I won't be sad.

I love this cute little stool!

I got these vintage beer cans for free.  Thought I'd give it a shot and try selling them.

The signs are sweet - the letters are glittery gold!

I sell quite a bit of kitchen utensils.

The s&p shakers are some of my favorites.  The cookie cutters on the original package are awesome

I bought this clock for my kitchen, hoping it would work.  It didn't and I have no idea how to rewire a clock.  So I put it in the booth, hoping someone else will give it a good home.

The books are ledgers from a doctor's office from the 1930s-1940s.  I saved back one that was falling apart.  If the cute midcentury bathroom shelf doesn't sell quickly, I'll be hanging it up to display stuff on.

That's it for this week!


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  1. My kind of Black Friday/shop small weekend!

  2. Great haul! I haven't had much time for junking these past couple weeks so enjoyed shopping vicariously through you!

  3. You really scored at the auctions! I love it all.

  4. A 3 week honeymoon?! You lucky gal!

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Happy, happy honeymooning to you two! My favorites are the chip tins, the bug sprayer, and the floral frogs. What I love most of all are those ledgers!

  6. You came home with quite the haul! I have never seen so many frogs. My mom used to have those same cooky cutters.

  7. Great stuff. I really like the potato chips tins and the signs.

  8. Your auctions are amazing. Nothing like that in my little rural area. You did great. Love the green glass dessert cups. :)

  9. Wow! I see so many neat things. Love the cookie cutters and little crochet dresses. Happy holidays!

  10. Looks like you found some really nice stuff for your shop. The old ledgers should be interesting.
    Have a great honeymoon. Congratulations.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. I love the green glass and the kitchen utensils! So many great things actually. :)

  12. Awesome finds Melissa--as always! Love the green glass custards, lanterns, and rolling pins. Too bad about the clock--it has a great looks. Thanks so much for lining up at Vintage Charm, and have a wonderful honeymoon (we'll miss you while you're gone :))!!


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