Monday, January 25, 2016

Lebanon, Indiana Auction Buys

I attended a small, but decent auction on Saturday.  Stuff was still a little pricey, but I held out til the very end and was able to get good prices on lots of things.

I got all of these crocks for a great price.

Wish the lid on the Boston Baked Beans pot was original, because then my pot would have been quite valuable (in the $50ish range), versus $25 where I priced it.

 I got great deals on some of these because they had decals on them.  I learned long ago to buy them and scrape them off. :)

 Some Fenton Hobnail Opalescent pieces plus MacBeth Evans petalware bread plates.

 Lots of smalls.

See anything you like?

All went to the booth yesterday.

 The child's iron works.  And is dangerous in my hands.

12K Gold Filled glasses and a sweet brass baby rattle.  My favorites.

I bought an entire table of vintage railroad/train ephemera.  I can't wait to go through it all and start listing it on eBay.

I also got these set of railroad matchbooks and chandelier prisms.  Matches should be good eBay items.

That's it for this week!  What did you guys pick up this past week while out junking/thrifting/antiquing?


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  1. Thank you for showing the MacBeth Evans Petalware. I have a "set" of those dishes but with the gold trim. I think there are 4 plates with 4 cups and saucers and 1 larger quite flat plate, if I remember correctly. I have been looking off and on over the years trying to find what it was called. I'm not sure of the value of my set and it has not been used since I got it. It just sits around collecting dust in the bottom of my china cabinet. I do feel somewhat more informed now, though. Ranee (MN)

  2. Wow you found some great stuff. Your right the baby rattle and glasses are the best. That train emphemera should do great, so many collectors out there, keep us posted!

  3. Great finds! I haven't sold on eBay in awhile.... Might have to try some things on there again!

  4. I love the tins, but my favorites are the crocks. They are big sellers for me.

  5. Yes! I see all kinds of things I like! The little iron and the glasses are my favorites I think!


  6. What incredible finds! Seems like things always go high at auctions this time of year. Not enough sales to go around. I live in railroad country. There is no chance I'd ever be able to afford a table full of train ephemera! Good for you!

  7. Wow looks like you hit the jackpot! Great finds.

  8. I've started following you. My goodness, I love to thrift and see what others find!

  9. Oh my word, all those great crocks! Winter doesn't seem to be slowing you down. :)

  10. What a wonderful day of hunting you had. I love the variety of items you picked up.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  11. Melissa, you found so many wonderful things! I love it all but I especially love the crocks.

    xo Dianne

  12. I have never taken the time to attend an auction but it is on my bucket list. Love all that ephemera.

  13. Oh Melissa, seems it was worth your wait! Love, love, love the old tins! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm.


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