Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Did you see my post last week about The Beast, my new junkin' vehicle?  Well, she has been taking an extended spa weekend.  She's getting lots of little tweaks under the hood.  She'll be back this weekend hopefully and will get some more junkin' time in with me.

There weren't a ton of junkin' prospects this weekend, so I decided it was going to be spring cleaning and small projects weekend.  I started my weekend on Friday with a trip to my local salvage warehouse.  That place is SERIOUSLY my happy place.

I was digging through their stock of castors trying to find 4 matching ones for one of my new (antique) dressers.

While I was there, I decided it was time to stock up on door plates for the booth.  I was completely out.  I also picked up a few other goodies.

Junkin' shopping basket - a 3 gallon bucket.

Here's the total haul!

Close up of the awesome porcelain knobs.

Since I had no plans to attend any sales on Saturday, I decided it was time for MAJOR spring cleaning at the booth.  I has been nearly a year since the last time I did a total booth overhaul.  Mom and I got there first thing when the mall opened at 10A and stayed until 6P.  We took about 45 minutes for lunch at a local brewhouse.  We took almost everything out and found new places for it.  The furniture arrangement stayed about the same, with a few minor exceptions.  If you're curious what the booth looked like a couple of weeks ago - click HERE.

Continuing my spring cleaning trend, Sunday after brunch with the hubby, we tackled the garage.  Everything out!


Excess boxes from when I used to sell a TON of stuff online.

We filled up the back of my truck and my hubby's and took all the stuff to goodwill.

Hubby's truck. 

My truck.

Afterwards, all clean and organized!

Some booth stock.  Time to pick it and take it to the booth!

So, I didn't attend any sales Saturday, but a junkin' friend of mine picked me up 4 small pieces of furniture pictured here behind the Ice Cream maker box.  3 small tables and a metal stool.

What did you guys do this past weekend?


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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Beast

Hello all!  I have an introduction for you today.  This gal joined my family this past week and deserves an introduction.  She was born in 2000.  She has lived with 2 other families prior to joining mine.  She is meant to be a great travel companion, but was left behind on many trips.  I promised that there are many, many miles of road ahead of her.  She is a grey beauty, but has not been properly cared for by her last family.  She sat outside for most of the winter.  When I met her, I knew she was meant for me.

Meet: The Beast.

 She will be my new junkin'/roadtrip vehicle.  She is quite spacious and will hold lots of treasures.

These pictures are from her first night at her new home.

 Extra wide side opening plus steps = bigger, better junk!

 These seats pop out quite easily!
She also also lots of mood lighting.

 This back bench folds down into a full size bed.

 Even with the bed folded down, she still yields lots of cargo space in the rear for more junk in the trunk, if you will.

 A selfie of our inaugural auction trip.
These captain's chairs are SO COMFY.

The Beast is awaiting my littlest brother's arrival home today.  He has been away with his job as a lineman for a couple of weeks now.  He is also an excellent mechanic.  She is anxious to get a spa treatment - fresh oil, new air filter, fresh brake fluid, new belt, plugs, etc... the whole works.

She did help me haul home these treasures Saturday.  The mid-century Eames style shell chair will be staying with me as my new office chair.  It needs new feet (I'm thinking these). The other treasures are already at my booth.

She also hauled home 4 other paper boxes of old bottles, 45 records, a jadeite mug, and other miscellaneous smalls.  Most required lots of cleaning and promptly went to the booth.


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